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Stars Glow

Zara and Megan chilling looking at the stars

Switch on the sky and the stars glow for you
Go see the world coz it's all so brand new
Don't close your eyes coz your future is ready to shine
It's just a matter of time before we learn how to fly
Welcome to the rhythm of the night
There's something in the air you can't deny...

- Owl City: When Can I See You Again

Saving as a png ate my colours again.  I really need a 16bit image format that browsers can understand.



Neopolitan (partial nudity)

close up of Zara and Dak's tattoos

This has been the better part of a week in the making.  Almost full days because I stupidly thought that I would get it done next session.  I now have headache-caused-by-terrible-posture and my neck is violently out again.  Pro-tip: do not spend hours a day hunched over a tablet.  And while I'm not completely happy with it I'm happy enough to post it.  And obviously I need a hell of a lot more practice with dark scenes.

There is a story behind this one, but not one that I normally try to write to accompany pieces.


Black Fingernails, Red Wine

Strike's crew at a meet

A prickle of nervousness crawled up Silver's spine and settled at the nape of his neck as he followed Aurelius up the very familiar corridor towards one of The Geisha's private rooms.  He didn't usually get nervous going into or even at meets.  He was good at what he did and had an excellent track record for getting favourable outcomes for himself and his employer (not necessarily so much for the other party but that wasn't really his problem).

He hadn't thought twice when Strike had told him that he would be sending his kids to this meet instead of attending himself.  He'd figured it would be a walk in the park, a regrettable occurrence for Strike and the Reavers and the pretty little lamb Strike was sending to slaughter.


Black Fingernails wip

Work in progress

Worked on this the last couple of stream sessions, posted works in progress to Patreon and realised that I've been completely forgetting to post public wips (which is completely unsurprising as while I do post occasional works in progress they are occasional so it was actually pretty easy for me to forget with all the other stuff going on).  I also wanted to show @jedau the kind of stuff that takes me forrrreeeeeeeeevvvaaaaaaarrrrrrrr XD

This was supposed to be a sketch of Megan (to the tune of Black Fingernails, Red Wine by Eskimo Joe which is what spawned the original concept, I have several failed sketches in my sketchbook).  Then it kinda grew.  Out of control.  Like most of the things I do.


Thursday streaming

The plan for streaming on Thursday was do a quick sketch, then carry on with the rig test anim.  That didn't happen.  What happened instead was this.

threesome wip

I don't do anything more complex than textures for backgrounds, the bed is just one ridiculously oversized prop masquerading as a background.  I don't hink that's going to be a normal thing either.  I am not really looking forward to shading those tattoos XD

With  luck I'll have this finished later today but more likely tomorrow or so.


Andrew, Megan, Magellan and Andromeda

The twins!

Magellan and Andromeda were identical twins and very close to each other.  Magellan was a bit of a wild child, Andromeda was much more sensible and down-to-earth.  They were kind of background characters before so not that well developed, even though Andromeda was going steady with one of my main characters. 


Happy silly season!

AER teens having silly season fun

"Doesn't that make your teeth rot?"

"It's worse when you're with 'em!" Andrew snickered.

Zara passed Andrew another box of decorations from the bowels of the shed, surreptitiously observing Dakarai and Megan being cute at each other on the other side of the garden.  The bright orangey yellows of the Christmas bush caught her eye.  Around this time of year, especially among the people that celebrated Christmas, there seemed to be a tradition of kissing under mistletoe.  The whys were lost in the annals of time (unless one cared to look of course).  Andrew's ears perked up as Zara's trademark cheeky grin suddenly crossed her face.

"What are you thinking?" he asked with a smile, accurately sensing that he was about to be dragged into something.

"See the Christmas bush?"

Andrew grinned as he caught her train of thought.


It's gonna be okay

Andrew and Megan from AER

"No matter what you've been through, here you are, no matter if you think you're falling apart, it's gonna be okay!" ~The Piano Guys: Okay


AER: Club Can't Handle Me

Megan and Zara dance sketch

"You know I know how to make 'em stop and stare as I zone out, the club can't even handle me right now...watchin' you watchin' me I go all out, the club can't even handle me right now!"

The original idea was to the song "I Like the Way" by Bodyrockers and was going to be done in silhouette possibly with flashy background like some of the old iPod ads or the art that could be found on iTunes cards, which developed from thinking I should do a series like that of Megan dancing.


Buy me a drink first

Zara and Megan

Zul'jinn jolted internally as Megan seemed to materialise out of the crowd beside them, catching hold of Zara and pulling her close with a playful growl as she attempted to nip the smaller girl's shoulder. Zara for her part looked completely unsurprised, casually fending off the double grope by catching Megan's wrists, leaning back against the heart stoppingly beautiful blonde.

"Hey Megs," she said, her voice coloured with amusement, before spinning out of Megan's arms and turning to face her. Megan followed up, grabbing Zara's hips and pulling her close again, this time planting a kiss on the lips.