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Pokemon: vaguely realistic mega-pidgeot (and passenger)

Not quite down to the wire but close enough and done enough as far as I’m concerned. One vaguely realistic mega-pidgeot and rider/passenger for The Great Pokemon Sky Race collab. Learned a bit about feathers and feathering (one of the things being I need to learn more) and decided against adding fwoosh as I could not work out how to make speed lines look convincing with this style and I didn’t have time to do the motion blue I was thinking of doing.

Pokemon SI: Before the Race

Me giving Flashwing a pep talk before the race, or something. The bird and I are actual size. I am actually going to get this done before/by the deadline though it will be missing a few things I wanted to include. I’m going to be reasonably happy with the effort considering I had to make a few things up on the fly (and learned a bit in the process) and had lost a large chunk of time to work on it due to needing to pull some overtime on a paid gig.

3d mega-pidgeot progress

Starting work on my entry for The Great Pokemon Sky Race Collaboration. I need to do another version of 3d-fyn (because the last one blew up while I was fiddling with something, probably the rig, and then I reworked Base’s rig anyway) as well. 3d-fyn will be riding Flashwing (pidgeot from my Pokemon Yellow game) in mega-evolution (I think mega evolutions are kinda dumb really, however mega-pidgeot form is theoretically big enough to carry 3d-fyn otherwise we’d need an enormous pidgeot).