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March Homeschool Miscellany

March kicked off with Perth's first steemup.  The kids got to have some interesting conversations with new friends and encouraged to continue blogging (except for 9yo who disappeared off to the pool for most of the thing).

Perth steemup at Whiteman Park, Western Australia   Perth steemup, Whiteman Park, Western Australia

The steem colours I sported in my mohawk so everyone knew where to go are still in!


February Homeschooling Miscellany

We do an awesome impression of having a pretty quiet month on the homeschooling front, but what was actually going on was getting used to "in term" stuff starting up and trying to make some crazy logistics work out.  We ended up dropping swimming lessons altogether as all three kids are watersafe as far as swimming pools go (anywhere involving tides is going to have to be dealt with experience).


January Homeschooling Miscellany

Our year started fantastically with being able to go to a performance of The Lion King Broadway Musical courtesy of mother in law who bought us tickets.

Waiting to go in to see The Lion King Broadway Musical

We were up in the nosebleed section so couldn't see fine details of costumes or clear facial expressions but got an awesome view of everything going on on the stage and around the theatre (as the performers didn't restrict themselves to the stage).

In the nosebleed section at The Lion King Broadway Musical being performed at Crown Theatre, Perth, Western Australia


More little things

9yo displayed that he does have some organisational skills while we were playing Minecraft and he wandered off and said he had found some mines, then told me the coordinates so I could join him.  He had made a book and quill to use as a journal (and would be less likely to misplace seeing as it's in-game) in which he was writing down the coordinates of our bases and any mines he encountered (which would then be deleted once we'd finished exploring and digging them out).

7yo wrote me a poem:

Poem written rather messily in red texta by 7yo


If it's relevant then it's ok!

[9yo was carrying on like a pork chop about doing his maths workbook.]

9yo: Do I haaaaaaave toooooo [bleat whine moan etc]
me: It's on the way to stuff you'll have to know to be an engineer.

[9yo's eyes light up]

9yo: Oh in that case it's okay!

[9yo hits the books]


Socially acceptable !schooling: 3-7 Sept 2012

In which I once more attempt weekly updates on the homeschooling side of things.  Going to see how I go just writing about the bookwork and if I remember to add the Other Stuff we do as I go (and I found out after reading the curriculum outlines that we actually do most of the stuff in the curriculum without making much effort to do it, wonder how long I can get away with that... :).

Also I changed the generated url as punctuation gets dropped.



Music session with Child's Play Music (and other things homeschooly)

Ru and Cub on the drums during a Child's Play Music session at Learning HubThe most recent session at Natural Learning Co-op (formerly known as Learning Hub, apparently there's another group in the northern suburbs also called Learning Hub, and which I'll probably shortern to the last word as I'm lazy like that) involved a music session with Alec from Child's Play Music.  He had a huge van full of musical instruments that he'd constructed mostly from recycled materials.


Reading and writing

Cub loves being read to, and is constantly bringing books to us and demanding "Wead book!"

Happy toddler with a book

I can also say "duduk" to him and he will sit down.  All three kids understand "makan" and "bagus" (Tao used to pronounce it "ba-goo-doos" when he was Cub's age :) and that's as far as I've gotten with Malay; my vocabulary is shocking and grammar non-existant.


The initial homeschool moderator visit

We had our initial visit yesterday, with the next one scheduled for another couple of months.  Everything went pretty much as expected.  The lady was nice, and was happy with all the learning areas except for English and maths, and also wanted to see more "scientific communication".

Turning a flower blue

Tao and Ruan set up an experiment to turn a flower blue, directed by Tao, who had seen a demonstration on some science show on ABC.  They made the blue water with paint and water (as we don't have food colouring).  They then went on to do some other arty crafty thingies while they waited for the colour to be drawn up to the flower.

I had nothing to do with it.


Basic literacy and numeracy sans formal lessons

[imported from livejournal and backdated]