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ko sipna 2 sequel

10yo: can I do memrise? Me: no. Go to sleep. 10yo: por favor? Me: no. Go to sleep. 10yo: can I go give Daddy a cuddle? Me: no. Go to sleep. 10yo: por favor? Me: na go’i ko sipna 6yo: what does that mean? Me: no. go to sleep! I wanted to wrangle the permission attitudinal in there but couldn’t recall it off the top of my head. Also needed an .

ko sipna

Late night lojban lesson with the stubborn 4yo: me: Do you remember any lojban? mi prami do 4yo: mi prami do, what does dat mean? me: it means “I love you” 4yo: mi prami do gives me a cuddle me: cinba gives him a kiss 4yo: what does dat mean? me: it means ‘kiss’ 4yo: sheen ba! gives me a kiss me: ko sipna, that means ‘go to sleep!’ He’s still not asleep.

AR notes: conscript to go with the conlang

Once upon a time I decided to pick Lojban as AR’s international auxiliary language because it was not Euro-specific and hadn’t been created for someone else’s work of fiction (not that there’s anything wrong with those things, I just wanted something international that was actually “international” and I didn’t want to poach someone else’s conlang that had been done for their thing, but one that was constructed just for fun/to use was okay :P).

vi ma le crino lanme ("Where is the Green Sheep?" translated into lojban)

“Where is the Green Sheep” is a picture book by Mem Fox and Judy Horacek. It’s been a favourite for all three kids and it’s pretty easy (repetitive sentences with one-two word variations). In the interests of LOTE I decided to translate it into lojban for them. Unfortunately, I completely destroyed the lyrical rhyming thing while doing so. Happily it seemed like a mostly straightforward task (which means I’m slowly getting better or conversely I fubared it and don’t realise it yet).

Malay, lojban, and pocket money for bookwork

F=Faham (Photo credit: :Salihan) Not “versus” because it’s not a contest. Not really. I’m about to give up on my Malay Anki deck, mostly because it’s not ordered in a way that makes logical sense to me. I grew up hearing a lot of Malay, sadly I didn’t learn it formally because I couldn’t be bothered going to Malay school on Saturday mornings (I already went to school five days a week, why in the hell would I want to go on a sixth?

ryivhnn v2

Rapture and armageddon and all that are upon us, and as per usual JJ has taken the kids to 6yo’s Auskick game and I stayed home, trained the dogs (could have gone for another 5mins on top of what I did do but I got defeated by the cold) and ripped through an Anki session with a Lojban gismu deck. We know we’re not going anywhere. With the few precious moments of time alone, I then plugged into Lightwave for more practise on avatars before tackling AEfter Ragnarok characters.

Rejigging flux

[minor pseudonymising edits during Drupal to hugo migration for all the good that will do now] [imported from livejournal and backdated] It’s probably a good thing I’m used to constant flux, it has on occasion driven me mad but I think I need it, considering several attempts to have anything above the most basic of basic routines results in more chaos and me actually going mad. Considering the amount of Stuff going on in my head I’ve decided to relegate logging of the banal crap and reminders to do Stuff to djinn (my iPhone, yes it and both my computers and my car have names and personalities) which seems to have left the part of my brain I’m aware of using more room to do some really weird stuff.

Catchup, Tapfish economics, cartography and Lojban

[minor pseudonymising edits during Drupal to hugo migration for all the good that will do now] [imported from livejournal and backdated] [this post got a lot of interesting/amusing comments mostly about people apparently annoyed by my decision to use Lojban as the IAL (international auxiliary language) for AEfter Ragnarok - bit sad to lose them] Catchup No posts for a whole year. That might have something to do with being slightly manic with what I calculated was roughly the equivalent of a 24/7/365 on call full time job and two contract/casuals.