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July Progblog #1: everything but the thing

New hardware!

I finally got a new cpu and logic board...and some unexpected new ram as J accidentally bought a logic board that required ddr5 ram instead of ddr4 which was what I had.

The upside of that was I got a massive upgrade (as I asked him to double the ram when he was buying new ram and he actually did) and we accumulated enough parts to put together a machine from the leftover parts for middle child.


Kludgy OBS scene switcher for linux

Edited 2017 Jan 7: made the scripts slightly more reliable (not relying on window ids) but they will now get extremely confused if there's more than one instance of Blender open

Because I'm not smart enough to get the MacOS version of the Automatic Scene Switching plugin for OBS Studio, I gumbied an easy manual one with bash scripts.

So there's some scenes set up in OBS like so:

OBS scenes

Set shortcuts for the scenes in OBS settings like so:

OBS Studio hotkey settings


Setting up Wacom Cintiq 12WX on Ubuntu Studio 14.04

And on goes the love/hate relationship with Linux.  Setting up my Cintiq is one of the things that makes me really loathe it and want to go jumping back onto my iMac and ignore the possibility of art on Linux forever.  My first attempt was an abysmal fail (I blew up Unity and had to spend a bit of time fixing it and it never completely recovered, and due to the nature of the child who owned that particular machine it ended up with Win7 on it).  If I didn't need a Linux server for web dev (which is why I got the laptop) I would have just bought a MacBook.

Don't care about the rambling documentation? No worries, just copy/paste the script.  You may need to change some button assignments for your setup.

This is probably not necessary but first I grabbed latest Nvidia drivers.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:xorg-edgers/ppa -y sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install nvidia-340