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Webmonkey notes setting ssl piwik and owncloud under subdomains linode

As per usual part tutorial and mostly notes for me and anything with ridiculous names (e.g. username and domain) means replace with your information. Ingredients 1 Linode (this one has my referral attached because I’m a bastard like that) or equivalent 1 copy of Piwik 1 copy of ownCloud Server (grab clients for your devices while you’re there if you like) 1-2 ssl certificates (depending on whether you can use wildcard certificates and are going to be running Piwik and ownCloud from the same domain, I like StartSSL but any certificate from anywhere will work) I downloaded Piwik directly to the Linode (saves two steps of downloading it and then uploading it, plus my upload speed is crap) and ownCloud conveniently has many packages.