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One 3d App to rule them all

I had Quadrapop over earlier today and she was looking over my shoulder and critting the work I’d done on Red’s hands so far. I am aware the hand is the wrong shape and was planning on fixing that in Lightwave where I have poly modelling tools but after receiving the second degree I got motivated enough to attempt it in Sculptris (after firing up Lightwave and fixing the hands on the base models and putting the legs in Da Vinci pose while I was about it).

Working the torso

So I’m hideously slow on WiP shots. Part of it is because I’m feeling a distinct pointlessness in them (there are many characters and whatnot to come) and most of it is simply because I keep putting off taking the screenshot when I think about it, and then eventually forget. Every now and again though I need to remind myself I’m making progress. Here I’ve hidden the wing membranes so I can see what I’m doing, and left a point highlighted so that the close up pane makes some semblance of sense.

Ear wip

Good enough for now, I’m sure I’ll fiddle with it more as I go. Was going to post a much earlier wip and of course it was “after I fix this, and do this bit, and what the hell is that, and…” now it’s mostly done. I’m not sure if the model in my anatomy book has tiny ears, but if Red’s ears look massive it’s intentional, the Dragonkin inherited large pointy bat-reminiscent ears from the Chiropterans who went extinct a thousand or so years before the timeblock I’m currently working in.

Brain implosion imminent. Or what's been happening.

My head. It’s so full of stuff that I have a very mild persistant headache. The cold isn’t helping either, it makes my shoulder hurt. I’m glad I don’t live somewhere that’s actually cold. Following is a thought dump so I can work out what I’m doing and so anyone that cares can now know why techno was gone for the last month and why I’ve been in such a ridiculous distracted foul mood.

3d-fyn, now with eyebrows and face morphs!

I’m not convinced my colour map is working. Will have to see when I do other random renders while fixing up the weight maps and seeing if I can work out cloth dynamics on the clothes. And I think I need to darken my hair a little bit. After that all I really need to do is see if I can work out how to get my freckle constellation on my face and I’m calling me done.

What doing

3d-fyn wonders what in the hell is going on and what we’re getting ourselves into :) I’m quite pleased with how my rig is turning out. Little niggly fine tuning things on the arms, but I (finally, because I iz slow) worked out that I should turn off the heading and pitch channels on the shoulder and use the collarbone to control those, and point the elbow with the shoulder’s bank channel.

Saved by the IK Booster again!

This time for the arm rigs. ‘Blue’ arm is using IK boost, ‘red’ arm still in default T-pose using the other rig The “blue” arm is using IK boost. The “red” arm is in default T pose still but is using the original rig which was modified from the leg rig (which works really well so far). The elbow directional on the arm just wasn’t working. I have ikstop on the collarbone and handles on the elbow and hand to make them that bit easier to see and grab.

Lightwave3D notes: fixes for base characters + clothes notes

Many face tweaks. The “entire area” vertex may pinch the mesh strangely with that many patches using it as a corner, but will have to see how I go with the face morphs. Also I’m stupid and the “moved outward” applies to the vertex above the one highlighted, I am too lazy to change the diagram. There are also two points on the torso along the obliques and on the top part of the shoulder blade that need looking at on the Flier models, I fixed them at some point on Base.

ryivhnn v2

Rapture and armageddon and all that are upon us, and as per usual JJ has taken the kids to 6yo’s Auskick game and I stayed home, trained the dogs (could have gone for another 5mins on top of what I did do but I got defeated by the cold) and ripped through an Anki session with a Lojban gismu deck. We know we’re not going anywhere. With the few precious moments of time alone, I then plugged into Lightwave for more practise on avatars before tackling AEfter Ragnarok characters.

Itsa meeee, ryivhnn!

Self portrait. Don’t be fooled by my expression, I have none (literally, haven’t done face morphs yet, I am just in t-pose and the mouth is slightly open because it’s easier to model and pick points when they’re not just about overlapping as happens with closed mouths). I also have no hair to speak of, need a bump map on my lips, my earrings, tattoos and minute freckle splash are missing, and I’m not convinced my eyes are that accurate (I was however too lazy to go look in the mirror for that long).