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ko sipna 2 the sequel

10yo: can I do memrise?
Me: no. Go to sleep.
10yo: por favor?
Me: no. Go to sleep.
10yo: can I go give Daddy a cuddle?
Me: no. Go to sleep.
10yo: por favor?
Me: na go'i ko sipna
6yo: what does that mean?
Me: no. go to sleep!

I wanted to wrangle the permission attitudinal in there but couldn't recall it off the top of my head. Also needed an .i but eh.



I told 7yo and 5yo they would have to wait a couple of hours for a box of frozen raspberries to defrost.

5yo: How much is a couple?
me: Two.  Dua.  re.
7yo and 5yo: Doo-wop! Doo-wop! Doo-wop!
me: [laughing too hard to correct them]


Socially acceptable !schooling: 3-7 Sept 2012

In which I once more attempt weekly updates on the homeschooling side of things.  Going to see how I go just writing about the bookwork and if I remember to add the Other Stuff we do as I go (and I found out after reading the curriculum outlines that we actually do most of the stuff in the curriculum without making much effort to do it, wonder how long I can get away with that... :).

Also I changed the generated url as punctuation gets dropped.



vi ma le crino lanme ("Where is the Green Sheep?" translated into lojban)

"Where is the Green Sheep" is a picture book by Mem Fox and Judy Horacek.  It's been a favourite for all three kids and it's pretty easy (repetitive sentences with one-two word variations).  In the interests of LOTE I decided to translate it into lojban for them.

Unfortunately, I completely destroyed the lyrical rhyming thing while doing so.

Happily it seemed like a mostly straightforward task (which means I'm slowly getting better or conversely I fubared it and don't realise it yet).  I can't find a word for "clown" and I don't think {sakli} is the right thing to use when describing playground equipment.

And of course the Lojbanic Translator is being excruciatingly slow/non-responsive so I can't check my work.  Will just have to get the people that are actually fluent to shoot this thing down in flames help me out :) Here goes.


Malay, lojban, and pocket money for bookwork


F=Faham (Photo credit: :Salihan)

Not "versus" because it's not a contest.  Not really.


Three decades, and some dolls

I recently hit three decades.  I spent most of the actual day finishing up the coding for the site that's going on the kiosk Sprat and I are doing for the Christmas Island Tourism Association and cleaning for the party on the following day.

Ruan requested the whiteboard so I took it down for her, and little arty girl knocked herself out drawing on it.  Tao came in to me at one point asking how to write an F.  I explained it as like an E but without the bottom line (and previously I've described the E as a backward 3 as that's how he was writing it, just straighter).  Later he very excitedly came out and asked me to come look at something he'd done for me.

I obliged.

"Happy birthday" as sounded out by my 6yo

I didn't think it was too bad an effort for sounding out "happy birthday".  That squiggle on top of it is a heart drawn by Ruan, copied from the blue one above it that I drew at her request and she coloured in.


Catchup, Tapfish economics, cartography and Lojban

[imported from livejournal and backdated]

[this post got a lot of interesting/amusing comments mostly about people apparently annoyed by my decision to use Lojban as the IAL (international auxiliary language) for AEfter Ragnarok - bit sad to lose them]