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kung fu

Homeschool catchup post

The day before we [flew out to Christmas Island]({< relref “massive-christmas-island-photopost-2014-15” >}), we went on an excursion to the Art Gallery of Western Australia. They accommodate homeschool groups easily and the programs the kids did were great and seem to have been enjoyed by all. To make running things easier for the staff, the kids had been divided into pre-primary to Year 3 (5-8yos) and year 4+ (9 and older). The older group went for their activity first while the younger one went on the tour.

Kung fu pro-tips

block the other person’s weapon (even if it is a fan) with your weapon (which may also be a fan), not with your hand. Especially if the other person’s fan has metal ribs when lion dance training after taking such an injury, don’t lift the head when you have to hold the mouth shut when walking through door frames, make sure you fit through the doorframe. Do not get distracted by small dogs attempting to run outside, and definitely do not clock the alleged “funny” bone on the doorframe to the point where you lose all feeling in your hand for a little while (preceded and followed by HOLEY SHEET THAT HURTS), especially if it’s the arm with the hand that doesn’t have aforementioned wrist injury on it Not that this has ever happened to me, definitely not in the last week, because who would be so dumb.

Everybody was kung fu fighting

Good thing I’m not trying for ranking in keywords to position myself as an expert on anything, as this would drown in a search :) I’ve been wanting to get back into training for A Very Long Time (tm), so have been poking around for a kung fu school. There’s some wing chun and other styles floating around the place, but in the end I admitted to myself that what I really wanted was Choy Lay Fut.