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Ingress wallpaper: Arkwright

Arkwright is probably one of the nicest people ever. And he also has single-handedly gadded about making big triangles, clearing swathes of the area and taking down jealousy guarded portals being franticly recharged by multipe people (or at least made everyone waste capsules of power cubes doing so). The short story of the thought process behind this character goes something like: Arkwright -> someone that builds/designs arks -> like Noah -> Christian mythology -> Knights Templar -> Protoss High Templar.

Sunday and Monday streaming

I’m usually streaming on Picarto on Sundays after 12 and Thursdays from 9am-3pm AWST, though lion dance season is coming up which may throw the Sunday streaming a bit. I did a random ~4hr stream today as the in-laws have a busy week this week and decided to come today rather than not coming at all because they’re awesome like that, working on an Ingress wallpaper: Yesterday I switched up between working on the Zul’jinn concept:

Ingress wallpaper: hatfullofcats and PyjamaNinjas

When I first started playing Ingress, hatfullofcats was the first person to welcome me on board and drag me into the faction hangout, and also among the first of the local crew I met in real life. And after talking to them and their partner PyjamaNinjas for a while and seeing those names crop up semi-frequently in my scanner, my brain eventually developed characters for their igns because that’s what I do.

Works in progress

Because I’m failing at making proper progblogs due to having to slog through a massive backlog (which now has a severe dent in it, unfortunately I think I also made a dent in myself XD). Retopology of a chimaera in 3d Coat which I will rig in Blender and then draw over Ingress character wallpaper being worked on in Krita I changed the dimensions of the thumb and hand while affixing allulas which of course meant I had to adjust the layers.