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AER Cameo: AussieNinja

@aussieninja actually requested a self-insert cameo some years back and I think he was also the first person to do so.¬†While I cheerfully made Ninjaroo for him, I was much less confident doing people as characters back then and as I’m better at 3d than drawing I decided to just jump straight to 3d for that one. More recently I’ve been a lot more comfortable drawing people as characters (the terror of the person not liking the result is constant though) and inspired by one of his posts that included getting surprised by a dog on a run:

Crowd Cameo: mousey smallsteps

@tarazkp requested a cameo of young @smallsteps as a mouse (because she loves being a mouse). I don’t have child proportioned bases yet so there was an entertaining round of contorting an adult sized base and then after sketching over in Krita, the transform tool got a good workout. My butterfly (companion of the upgoat) made a cameo (with different shaped wings). Back to using my favourite sketch shading brush (it’s working how I remember it working again now, guess more changes and improvements have been made to the brush engine), and I’m probably going to use the impasto brush for more backgrounds too, it was a lot of fun.

AER Cameo: Beard

That was literally what @holoz0r asked for. I’m terrible at facial hair so… I made a bearded dragon x_x I think it evolved the crazy tail for prey trapping purposes. Also tried out using the tilted pencil brush as @veryspider apparently liked using it quite a lot. I can kind of see why but unlike some people I can’t draw. I gave the bearded dragon to cameo holo who is a dropbear (casual observer won’t be able to tell unless he shows his teeth or they annoy him) with a beard.

AER Cameo: Sea Shepherd for @ammonite

I swear I did not forget about the crowd cameos I still have (there’s now two left on my list), I’ve been waiting for @ammonite to get back to me as I tend to do them in the order I get them and then I realised a lot of time had passed x_x So I decided that he was going to be a Selkie sea shepherd of some description (he’s working with some dolphins here, I guess they herd fish or something, so I guess he’d technically be a fisherd?

Adoptables and breedables nfts

Preamble This is a high level outline for a website/system/something to be built on hive utilising nfts and targeting adoptable/breedable artists. Adoptables seem to be a great use-case for NFTs as they’re supposed to be unique and assigned to one owner at any one time and can just slot into the existing nft system hive currently has. This idea extends that to firstly specifically target artists who may only be interested in an art-centric community and secondly to simplify and possibly add a bit of chaotic randomness to the “breedable” system, which as far as I can tell is currently done at each artist’s discretion.

Fill the darkest night with a brilliant light

Too many gloomydoomers on my hive feed plus listening to Owl City: Shooting Star on loop results in fyn taking too long a break from retopo (this while mildly indfuriating is perfectly normal as fyn usually has to do what art brain says or bad things happen). So this is my “it will be okay, keep going, you’re doing great, we can make things better” because doing this kind of thing is easier than talking XP

Hive hoodie

Quickie because sculpt fixing is taking forever and I felt like doing something else for a little while. As I said in the last progblog, I had been intending on sketching Zara in a hive hoodie as I’ve drawn her in a steem hoodie previously, and then decided I should use her model instead. Some fixing was required and that had to be done anyway so it got done, and then I made the hoodie together out of a cube.

Pretty shinies

After an epic two day battle with my phone and my computer, I am now able to show off my new shinies. What you’re seeing here are the purple flower that I bought from @bearone for 200 hive, an owl that she said I could have because she loves me (awww ^_^ I did tell her I wanted to buy one when she was ready to sell them) and a candle that made me really glad I was extremely careful about unpacking the box because I had no idea it was in there.

Blue Tanager

I think I did the apple slightly too big, even if it is a little person. This one is for elviento, who didn’t ask for one but did post some adorable pictures of blue tanagers which I didn’t even know existed. I cowarded out and did a front shot (because I figured the underside of the wings will be plainer than the top because that’s usually how these things seem to roll) because I won’t be able to get the colours of the wings with a sketchy.


Running super late with these cameos just like with everything else, I AM SO SORRY x_x @artwatch requested a black kitten/otter hybrid that was more kitten than otter. I immediately dubbed it “kittotten” and did a couple of initial sketchies, erased them all, started on another, and got distracted for literal months. Yesterday I finally got back to it (I’ve lost track of days since soft lockdown first started and basically only know when it’s a weekday or a weekend, I am trying to remember to check more often x_x) and after a couple more fails which got scrubbed suddenly ended up with something I could work with.