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Don't look back

leaving home

Blood.  Everywhere.

Blade's hulking form was crumpled in a pool of it.

The initial adrenaline rush, bordering on painful when it had spurred him into panicked, unthinking action, was subsiding now.  Trix clung to the bloodied katana like his life still depended on it, his mind struggling to comprehend the enormity of the situation before him.

They stayed there, the three of them, in a moment that lasted forever.  Trix with the murder weapon.  Blade, the not-so-innocent victim.  Sable, curled up in a corner.

"You fucking idiot! I told you to run!"

Sable only ever screamed at him when he'd done something really stupid, something that really made her mad.  He knew he'd done something unspeakably terrible.

"Trix!" He could feel her shaking him, somewhere far away in the distance.

Blade's dead.


AER ProgBlog: more retopo and another character backstory piece

I was supposed to do this before Silly Season kicked all the way in and...well I'm in some downtime before it arcs up fully so here we go XD

Retopo is going slowly and painfully as per usual.  I just have to finish the wings and then I can start painting, and hope that my retopo job isn't completely crap and that he animates all right.  Then after that I have to fix the rig and give him some hair and then maybe have a little fun while I work out who I'm doing next.

Screenshot 20171217 194818


Gnarus concept - quick and dirty to play with the Cintiq

Quick and dirty colour concept of Gnarus

Done while I was testing out my new toy.  This was actually done the first day I got said new toy (Wacom Cintiq 12WX which I will review later after I've used it a bit more), thought I better get over myself and just post, incomplete and dodgy looking notwithstanding :)

I'm too used to painting anthros, I gave him way too much fur.  These are the "undercoat" layers, I hid the top coats.  More therio, less anthro, so not so much fur! I think I need to start the fur over and work out how exactly I'm going to deal with it as he has a puffy tail.

This is a paintover of a friend as photographed by my husband after I told them to go make me some stock photos.  Gnarus' appearance is based on the friend in question, although Gnarus is a lot shorter :)