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Massive Christmas Island Photopost 2014-15

Minimal text, many photos, some videos. Mishmash of scenic, happysnaps and homeschooling stuff coz that’s how we roll. Grab a drink and a snack before commencing. First couple of weeks… The airport wait wasn’t terribly exciting but at least there were planes to watch being loaded, taking off and landing. Big asam tree across the road as seen from my bed. It’s always good to be home. Kids helping Nanny and Aunty Sprat put together loot bags for Carols by Candlelight

!schooling from whenever til now

[minor pseudonymising edits during Drupal to hugo migration for all the good that will do now] Due to stuff (some it was the parents coming up to visit for a couple of weeks, some is that business has picked up dramatically), I haven’t been keeping track of the homeschooly stuff. Also we’ve been finding better things to do than sitting and doing bookwork, so it’s a really good thing that’s not the core of our homeschooling program (I need to write one of those for next year by the way, and also a booklist).