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Quick and dirty render of my dragonkin, avian and base base models

QAD render to celebrate finishing the bulk of rigging. A couple of tiny little tweaks to make but it's stuff I can do as I go.

Low enhanced antialiasing, radiosity and Skytracer on default settings (added the thing, checked the cloud boxes).

Think I used too much blue. And yes it looks funny as there are no joint or face morphs. I need more RAM and less OpenGL sliders.

The pose is based off a really old pic of my sister's as I realised a bit ago that my base models matched up with her fan characters.


Dragonkin - completed rig

Dragonkin base model showing off the tail IK

I've spent a good amount of time trying to work out how the hell to do a prehensile tail rig. The last time I did it, it involved a 72 bone multi-goal IK chain.

It kinda hurt.

This time, it involves a 65 bone IKB chain, main direction controlled by the big ball-shaped null object on the end.

I haven't yet tried to wrap the tail around something but I am stupidly confident.

Going to do some sliders to control the fingers and the wings, then that's ready to go, and I have to do the sliders thing for the fingers on the other two models before I start building characters.

But I can start building characters! YAY!



Zul'jinn sitting on the edge of a building

Zul'jinn, High Prince of the Flyers.  Paint over of a photo I took of my husband.