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WednesdayWalk: down by the river

As requested by @dreemit who assures me that WednesdayWalk just has to be posted on Wednesday and doesn’t necessarily have to occur on Wednesday. As luck would have it, we actually went on a nice walkies on the correct day. And I’m a day late for me because shenanigans happened but I have the advantage of being on the side of the world where a day late makes it on time for the other side of the world?

April Homeschool Miscellany

We really didn’t do a lot in April because it kind of sucked. Both of our dogs died within weeks of each other. Everyone was pretty devastated, the kids had grown up with those dogs. The big dog was an early birthday/Christmas present for me as I’d decided I wanted a dog. The kids were 5, 3 and 1 at the time. The small dog came to us three years later.

June ProgBlog #4: and I would have gotten away with it too if it weren't for you meddling kids and your darned dog!

And by “gotten away with it” I mean “finished” and by “dog” I mean “dogs and cats” XD I’ve spent this entire week ironing the tail. Also found this helpful setting and turned it on after actually reading the tooltip while wondering what it did. I’d been thinking it would be helpful in high poly situations like this if stuff could just be rendered when it was actually in the viewport and smarter people than me obviously thought it would be a good idea too XD

The Angus Saga

This is my 7yo and her dog Angus (aka “Angillian and “Ningle Nangle Jangaloid” and permutations thereof, don’t ask, I don’t know). Yesterday (5th of August) at about 7:40pm JJ took both dogs (Angus and my dog Tali) for a walk as he normally does. As he was walking past the Gosnells Football Oval a “stray dog came out of nowhere” and grabbed Angus and started shaking him. The dog was halfway across the road before JJ saw it coming and had grabbed Angus by the time Tali noticed.

Simplistic musings on cats and dogs, or ramblings about why pet shops shouldn't sell them

[minor pseudonymising edits during Drupal to hugo migration for all the good that will do now] I have this bias towards cats and dogs in this piece, because I’ve only ever shared a house with cats and dogs. Fenrir and Taliesin bunking in My random thought that triggered the blat was that JJ is not going to let me have any more cats. Clockwise from top: Ghost, Sanguine, Graymalkin, Darkness, Itti Bitti Kitti

Loves long walks bush and fig jam

[minor pseudonymising edits during Drupal to hugo migration for all the good that will do now] Walking distance down the road from my place is Pioneer Park. It’s marked “A” on the map. JJ and the kids went there to pick figs. I decided to take the dogs (and the toddler, who had to come with me as JJ was taking his car) for a bush walk. A good, long, decent bush walk.