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crazy dog house on the cliff

Twins in the lower room

Seems the house gets populated by more coporeal people as I get older. Last time I recall being there when there were people there, there was some kind of masquerade ball going on. This time there was just people going about their daily business, and one of the rooms I’d been too scared to enter previously just felt a bit creepy this time round, which has been happening with more and more of the rooms in the middle section.

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[minor pseudonymising edits during Drupal to hugo migration for all the good that will do now] The vege garden was a freaking mess. I noticed it when we arrived at the house. We hadn’t needed the excessive driveway down the side so had converted it into a slightly wider than driveway half acre long vege strip. And there were weeds and elephant ear ferns growing all through it. I informed JJ that I was going to get rid of the weeds.