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Vaguely realistic vaporeon used DIVE!

My entry for JWiesner’s Great Pokemon Underwater Race. Version with background posted everywhere but dA because I think it looks better, transparent version on dA as that’s what’s required for the collab. As with the last one, not quite down to the wire, I lost a lot of time being sick for a month and then most of the time spent was in the render (there was a fair bit that went into retopo but purely because I’m not good at it and will probably need to redo it at some stage).

Pokemon: vaguely realistic mega-pidgeot (and passenger)

Not quite down to the wire but close enough and done enough as far as I’m concerned. One vaguely realistic mega-pidgeot and rider/passenger for The Great Pokemon Sky Race collab. Learned a bit about feathers and feathering (one of the things being I need to learn more) and decided against adding fwoosh as I could not work out how to make speed lines look convincing with this style and I didn’t have time to do the motion blue I was thinking of doing.

Srebro and Maverick

Line art: OC Slash: Srebro x Maverick by the wonderfully talented blackstorm. This work by ryivhnn is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License