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chronicles of darkness

February ProgBlog #1: slightly less stuck

Happy I Love You Day! I spent Thursday to Sunday not being able to concentrate on any one thing for any length of time and just incrementally advanced a lot of things instead. I don’t know whether I feel somewhat accomplished at getting some work done on a lot of things or deflated because nothing feels done “enough”, but it’s a known thing that my idea of “enough” is actually unrealistic (at least in the timeframes I’ve got).

Babysitting duty

Apparently to make sure I don’t get carried away I need to use the pencil brushes (I use the sketch and pencil brushes from David Revoy’s brushpack for Krita) rather than the ink pen brush. A couple of old chaotic little roleplaying characters: Kit the 17yo half-Chinese red-haired Kitsune Eji in Koto form (her name is Kit Fox because I simply couldn’t resist, she copped enough flak for it as was and when she turned out to be a Kitsune she started going by her Chinese name of Yue) and Liana the 14yo Un/Seelie dragon Pooka in Fae Mien (I couldn’t decide if I wanted her to be Seelie or Unseelie so decided to see if I could go straight down the middle and it worked surprisingly well, also you’re not technically allowed to have mythological animal Pooka but the GM allowed it because Liana’s dragon form is 2m long and her breath attack is a rainbow that randomly changes the colour of whatever it touches, it does no damage except possibly to pride, and to add chaos to chaos the GM also allowed her to have a random free-Glamour power of snapping her fingers and having whatever she’s looking at change to a random colour, or if I spent a point of Glamour she could temporarily turn an inanimate object into a random other inanimate object).