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New age, new year, not new resolutions, and photos

Happy new year everyone! gleki ninyna'anunsla if you speak lojban :)

Somehow, from somewhere, I have this 7 year old.

kids getting ready for cake

The Little Big Boy turned 7 a couple of days ago.  He requested and got a chocolate cake which my mum made.  It was very tasty.  The "oldies" were commenting on how fast he turned 7.  I'm trying to work out how he survived that long ;)

Cub made a new friend (and had people teasing about his "girlfriend" and them going under the tree to look at the lights was "romantic").  Their conversations were supercute.  The little girl had a Tigger doll which she put in a plastic toy wheelbarrow and Cub pushed it around after her for most of the night.

Toddlers looking at Christmas lights


Lightwave3D notes: fixes for base characters + clothes notes

Many face tweaks.

3d diagram showing where the model face tweaks are and highlighting problem areas

The "entire area" vertex may pinch the mesh strangely with that many patches using it as a corner, but will have to see how I go with the face morphs.  Also I'm stupid and the "moved outward" applies to the vertex above the one highlighted, I am too lazy to change the diagram.

There are also two  points on the torso along the obliques and on the top part of the shoulder blade that need looking at on the Flier models, I fixed them at some point on Base.

After moving the corners of the mouth inward, the insides of the mouth will also have to be readjusted so they're not poking through.



Original Biker Mice fancharacter Starzone with redeveloped AEfter Ragnarok Zara

Starzone is the mouse.  Zara is the human.  Zara uses "Starzone" as a callsign.

The original Starzone was a Biker Mice from Mars fan character done in the usual style of fan characters, she was way overpowered and Mary Sue and may have had stupid random flaws attached to not make her seem as overpowered and Mary Sue as she was.  I redeveloped her a bit later and she turned out all right, though I never got around to publishing the fanfic with her and her coterie.  I only roleplay her these days.


Avatar blue

Quick and dirty render of Za'haran's face

QaD render of Za'haran's face to see how the eyes and lip textures turned out.  They're not terrible, though I think I want to do more with his eyes.  Using the Fast Skin shader that ships with Lightwave, which does a pretty good job of making skin look more skin-like than I know how to get it.  I added a procedural to break it up as it was entirely too smooth and perfect.