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character development

August ProgBlog #1: Moar shimmer

Didn’t take too long to get my hand in, so once I figured out what I was doing it happened reasonably quick (but not as quick as I would have liked partly because it’s been a week and mostly because I have unrealistic and generally unachievable expectations of myself). Decided to do the tail feathers by colour instead of individually and the barby bits are kind of painstaking because the brush is tinier than 3dC wants to deal with, but we’re glacially getting there.

April ProgBlog #2: tis the season?

So, not long ago in the grand scheme I found out one of my friends has breast cancer. There is another skinhead mohawk pending once I get a moment. More recently my grandmother died. It’s sad but she was just shy of 100 so it wasn’t unexpected. Tomorrow I’m on a plane to Melbourne, and will be home on Saturday. This is mostly heads up that there may or may not be a progblog next weekend depending on how I’m feeling.

November ProgBlog #3

Yeh yeh I’m late again. Much shenanigans happened on the weekend taking 11yo, a bunch of her giggly friends and 13yo to Bounce (9yo was meant to come to but he’d sliced his toe open on Thursday by deciding it was imperative that his iPad be unlocked on the way to the car rather than in the car after he’d clipped in and thus he didn’t notice the kerb I’d parked next to), and then one of the girls stayed over (which I found out was happening on the day, fortunately I’m cruisy).

November ProgBlog #2

I progressed! Zara has been turned into a paint object and I really should have done her nails first but I got excited and launched straight into tattoos. They ended up looking slightly different from my reference pic (where everything was pretty much guesswork anyway). The wraparound dragon turned out to be a bit more confusing than I anticipated. I already had mad respect for tattoo artists but it just went up several thousand notches.

Thursday stream - High

I started on an engagement present for @jedau on Wednesday, and decided to continue it on Thursday so of course it got streamed. Did something slightly different, instead of just cutting a piece out of each track as usual, I axed anything that wasn’t sappy, upbeat, uplifting or didn’t have lyrics I could use and used slightly longer samples than otherwise. The first and last tracks are still the first and last tracks (and in fact the first track was the inspiration for the piece as well as what I thought of when I read Jed’s dramatised recount of the proposal to his girlfriend).

Aurelius quick concept

@jedau over on Steemit hive took a bit of a shine to Aurelius in the Black Fingernails Red Wine piece due to name similarities, and these gems came up in the course of our conversation: Haha! Definitely make him look like a Quokka :D And Oh right!! They’re native to Australia haha! Man, I wish I had those things as pets haha! Maybe add in a scar across Aurelius left eye to give him that sort of intimidating presence.


This MerMay thing (whatever it is XD) gave a good enough excuse to draw examples of the Selkies and Nereids as they appear in the AER-verse (examples because they vary massively in appearance depending on…a lot of things). I attempted a more “stereotypical” mermaid here which meant it’s either an early Nereid or a reef/shallow water Nereid. The ones that live in shallow water are more likely to resemble Base humans.


Apparently there’s a thing called MerMay going on where people are trying to draw merfolk this month. Seemed as good an excuse as any to draw a Selkie as they are in the AER-verse. The Selkies and Nereids are water-based Evolved. The Selkies breathe air, some of them can speak Cetacean and are usually able to flop around on land (to some value). They dehydrate really easily and need to either drink a lot or be wet down on occasion.

Dakarai and Trajectory

Two characters also likely to get caught up in firefights but not so much on roofs and quite likely because they were following their favourite girls around (or one of their favourite girls in Dak’s case). Their appearances stayed reasonably similar though I made Dak’s hair a bit more sensible (I like long dreds so Traj had perhaps impractically long dreds given his profession) but they have undergone complete personality swaps.

Zara and Starzone

My two characters most likely to get caught up in a rooftop firefight. A redo of the last piece I did three years ago which I wasn’t that thrilled with when I finished it. Starzone is closer to her original design this time round mostly to show character evolution. I was under 17 when I came up with the Biker Mice fan characters so I really can’t remember what I was thinking when I decided she could normally wear clubbing gear or have those odd blades of hers.