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changeling the dreaming

January ProgBlog #2: reworked schedules

There’s only multiple schedules because I have multiple people that I need to work with/around. With some assistance from sibling dearest which she started off for me like Spoiler: I have yet to be in bed before midnight x_x I ended up with something that I’m going to be testing and tweaking for a little while til I know what (if anything) needs adjusting or something changes enough to require changing up.

TTRPG writeups: Madcap Redcap Recap #1

Redcaps is a casual game that I suggested to satisfy the roleplaying habit when people are unable to make sessions or aren’t feeling it but everyone else wants to play (the initial proposal went along the lines of “maybe make some madcap redcaps for a casual game for when people are missing”). Not everyone has to be present for every session, and anyone who has an idea can GM. There will probably be story arcs at some point because that’s just how I roll but they’re otherwise essentially a bunch of mostly improv one shots or short runs.

January ProgBlog #1: mediocre starts

I was intending on trying to get back into the swing of things in the first week of January (including my blogging schedule) with the intention of seeing what in the work schedule that I’d done up (and been vaguely reworking on the fly) needed changing up. I didn’t end up doing the progblog and the work schedule really does need changing up. Though most of what I suffer from is the complete inability to keep to anything resembling time, and the fact that I have to be interruptable because JJ is the one with the full time job with defined hours.

December ProgBlog #3: "Christmas holidays"

Yeh right like I ever take them. I have seriously been moving like molasses and I really do need to actually change something, but because I’m me I’ll probably just burnout again, have to recover for a few days again during which I’ll relentlessly beat myself up over being an idiot again and that I really should have fixed it before it became this bad again, only to do exactly the same thing down the line again.