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Ferrets, fishing, horsing around, one awesome quarry, and stuff like that

Photos from the last couple of weeks. After 10yo had sent off an enquiry email to WAFFS, they put is in contact with a lovely lady in the area who let us play with her ferrets and answered all the questions we had and then said we should head up to the AGM the following day if we didn’t have any plans as people brought their ferrets to these things. We didn’t have anything on that morning (unfortunately parents in law were off travelling so we couldn’t visit them while we were in the area) so we trotted along to go have a look.

Loves long walks bush and fig jam

[minor pseudonymising edits during Drupal to hugo migration for all the good that will do now] Walking distance down the road from my place is Pioneer Park. It’s marked “A” on the map. JJ and the kids went there to pick figs. I decided to take the dogs (and the toddler, who had to come with me as JJ was taking his car) for a bush walk. A good, long, decent bush walk.