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June ProgBlog #2: because you know...instances

Gundry still has not budged. I was supposed to do more work on him today but I ended up doing other things instead. I also need to have a chat with my young friend and find out if we’re still going along with…well I hesitate to call what we were working off any kind of plan, not even a loose and fluid one if this project is still going to go.

July ProgBlog #2: tedium

There has not been a lot of progress this week, partly because I felt quite inspired by Sunday’s roleplaying game and ended up working on character portraits instead, and mostly because I’m hand drawing the dragon scales -_- Started off with the belly scales like and then got bored so ended up doing the entire spine/mane/fin/I don’t even know what it is anymore. But I’m still angsting about whether the purple mane is okay as is or if I should be making it a full face beard as a lot of the references I’m looking at do.

June Progblog #3: scars and scripts

I did the scars as a bump map using bpainter. Then figured out how to string normal and bump nodes so that everything would go in nicely. Normal map texture colour out plugs in to colour in of normal map node. Normal socket out of normal map node plugs into normal in of bump map node. Scar image texture colour out plugs in to height in of bump map node and alpha out plugs into strength in.

Hive hoodie

Quickie because sculpt fixing is taking forever and I felt like doing something else for a little while. As I said in the last progblog, I had been intending on sketching Zara in a hive hoodie as I’ve drawn her in a steem hoodie previously, and then decided I should use her model instead. Some fixing was required and that had to be done anyway so it got done, and then I made the hoodie together out of a cube.

August ProgBlog #1: and then one thing led to another and...

WARNING: if you’re an ultraprude there’s a nude character in here but only the breasts are somewhat detailed, while you can see the crotch area due to lack of clothes there isn’t even implied genitalia. So there I was, just smoothing out Red’s feet and toes and fixing toenails that needed fixing when I decided that I should draw Zara in a hive hoodie since I’ve drawn her in a steem hoodie previously (and Kurenai in a steem shirt).