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blender 2.8

September ProgBlog #1: playing with retopo addons

Those twisty horns from hell are so-called because they gave me a hard time when I was sculpting, a hard time the first time I was retopologising and a hard time this time round too but I got there eventually. I started off using speedretopo. I initially had some confusion about how to use bsurfaces with it but got there eventually (something about being in edit mode on existing meshes otherwise it helpfully starts a new one).

August ProgBlog #5: insane in the membrane

It’s the little things. I keep getting told not to worry about the tiny little details, because no one will ever notice them. I do sometimes (depending on how long I’m staring at something that I didn’t make). I’m reasonably certain that people might not notice the little details when they’re there, but will definitely notice them or at least pick up something “wrong” when they’re not. Depending on the style of the artwork of course.

August ProgBlog #4: more fingers

Finally got done with the hands (or at least as done as I can be/am prepared to do). I really hope I don’t regret the decision to try and fix some of the more finicky things in the normal map later x_x This is actually the right hand. I usually work on the left side because I manage to get in my own way less on that side. I am showing off the right hand because I had to hide the right arm so I could start working on the wings.

August ProgBlog #3: fingers

There has been some hilarity with some of my previous progblogs as I’ve shared the dodgy looking things that usually end up happening whenever I’m building (at least characters, I haven’t done much else recently x_x) The above screenie is not that dodgy, it’s just highlighting those irritating bumps. All I want is a perfectly smooth mesh but pparently there are vertices that just jut out for no apparent reason regardless of what I’m doing with autosmooth and the smooth brush settings.

August ProgBlog #2: back to the grind

This is a really boring phase where things are super slow going but they need to be done to keep me happy. Other people obsess about mesh smoothness and stuff in obscure places like the soles of feet right? Yes I’m aware the tail is still a bit of a mess, seems like I’m going to have to edit the normal map for that one -_- I’m kind of mostly trying to repair shapes but also seem to create a hell of a lot of dents before it will smooth out.

Hive hoodie

Quickie because sculpt fixing is taking forever and I felt like doing something else for a little while. As I said in the last progblog, I had been intending on sketching Zara in a hive hoodie as I’ve drawn her in a steem hoodie previously, and then decided I should use her model instead. Some fixing was required and that had to be done anyway so it got done, and then I made the hoodie together out of a cube.

August ProgBlog #1: and then one thing led to another and...

WARNING: if you’re an ultraprude there’s a nude character in here but only the breasts are somewhat detailed, while you can see the crotch area due to lack of clothes there isn’t even implied genitalia. So there I was, just smoothing out Red’s feet and toes and fixing toenails that needed fixing when I decided that I should draw Zara in a hive hoodie since I’ve drawn her in a steem hoodie previously (and Kurenai in a steem shirt).

July ProgBlog #2: minified progblog

I’m severely out of it. I’m currently struggling (and mostly failing) to not revert to my owlish ways. I don’t even remember why I didn’t post the progblog on Friday. Oh yes, I had an extra child (11yo had a friend sleeping over for the weekend). I also hadn’t finished the tail at the time and I was sick of posting pictures of the unfinished tail. Then I stayed up way too late last night because I finally finished it.

July ProgBlog #1: guess who's stuck, stuck again

If you are new to 3d, getting stuck and having to rework things using better techniques that you figure out later is perfectly normal (unless you’re a prodigy). And if you went to some fancy school to learn stuff, experiment anyway because the stuff taught in schools is one way to do things, not the only or necessarily best way to do things. I originally held off progblog on Friday because I got cool things from @bearone which I wanted to write about instead, but my computer and phone don’t want to interact properly (I can plug the phone in, tell it to trust the computer, the computer can see the phone and see all the photos and videos on the phone, but importing is flakey.

June ProgBlog #3: I don't know either

I decided to go in a different direction and after getting past the face I reduced some polygons down the back and went onto the tail. I’d kind of moved the base part down the back in 3dC so it was pretty much attached to the butt like it would be in a quadruped which looks more awkward in a biped but that’s what they’re all going to be like and their body structures are somewhat unlikely anyway.