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Blender notes: curve guides for particle hair and bonus hair colour without making separate emitter geometry

Add the hair in the usual fashion.

Hair setup screenie

By default the hair will just sprout wherever.  To restrict it to a certain part of the mesh, create a vertex group in vertex paint mode, and then use the group you created as a density map (found at the bottom of the particle panel).


Thursday streaming results

The problem with doing 3d or animation or 3d animation (for me at least) is that the works in progress shots can be exceedingly boring.  I spent pretty much the entire streaming day yesterday finishing up the tail end of the rig test anim, and am currently letting it finish up a timing render which didn't finish overnight because I forgot to turn Avi's particles off.  Oops.

Base models quickie render

Base models quickie render

Base models in my3 pose


Are we getting sick of the greys yet?

The Dragonkin build was relatively easier than the Avian one; the wing fingers were a little bit fiddly but there were only five of them as opposed to a million feathers and all one object as opposed to a million XD


Realistic vaporeon works in progress

Blender viewport render of realistic vaporeon

I wanted the texture to be like the viewport render, but it ended up being one glossy vaporeon.  He'll do.  Working full time on this now to get it done by the deadline.  I was doing really well til I got sick, stupid sickness XD

On the bright side, I learned a fair bit about 3d Coat and going back and forth between it and Blender.


Run XD

3d base models running still

Base dragging Avi off on another epic adventure (or just to go find the missing-because-not-yet-made D).

Doing the turnaround directly before that with two characters was entertaining.


3D Coat/Blender notes: Getting ptex textures from 3d Coat to Blender

tl;dr: bake the damn things.

After painting, from the paint room go to Textures > Texture Baking Tool

3d Coat Texture Baking Tool menu item

Fill in the stuff on the dialogue box as appropriate (I have no idea how correct my settings are, I tend to take a best guess with anything I don't know :P)

3d coat texture baking dialogue


Avi showing off its feathers

Base checking out Avi's feathers

Avi showing off its feathers to an admiring Base.  Turned off the covert layers so the viewport animation would play in real time (going to have to just toggle visibility when there's lots of characters) and left them off so it would render a bit quicker.  Going to do a couple of refinement passes and decide whether I'm going to interact with them this time round or just have them fly off.


Wacom Cintiq Companion Hybrid/13HD and associated app settings on Ubuntu Studio 16.04LTS

Downloading all the things

Add the repository for Gnome Pie Menu:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:simonschneegans/testing 
sudo apt-get update


Download helper utilities:

sudo apt-get install easystroke wmctrl xdotool gnome-pie


Download apps:


Avian particle feathers take 2

Yes, I did it again.

Avian wings particle feathers front shot Blender 2.77

Avian wings particle feathers back shot Blender 2.77

Who would have thought manually doing the hair guides would look better and render a lot faster.  I'm also using linked duplicates for the feathers but not sure how much that's helping if at all.

This was actually done a week or so ago, I'm currently working on the first layer of coverts.



The hang of it

Pose done with Rigify-Pitchipoy rig that ships with Blender 2.76b

Eventually got the hang of the Rigify-Pitchipoy rig that ships with Blender.  I'll use this one instead of mine XD

(I made mine with the intention to use it for animating but it was mostly to learn how to rig in Blender because I like having an idea of how to do everything, I am however not a rigger)

Please excuse the odd deformations, it's a low poly model and I didn't fix up the (pretty good) autoskinning as the intention was to test the rig. These folded arms are much better than my last folded arms and much easier!

Update: now with animation!