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You will be assimilated...

Or not.  Short version, according to last night's bizarro dream, there's going to be a merger between "this" world and "some other dimension/universe" soon if it's not happening already.

Now that I'm awake I'm wondering if it was Yet Another Incarnation of the Crazy Dog House, though I don't recall seeing a cliff this time.  One day I should probably try to explain The Crazy Dog House, which appears to be a stupidly large mansion not a doghouse.


Obvious point of view shift?

Last night's bizarro dream is probably going to prompt interpretations of changing points of view or something to that effect.  It was my first thought when I finally managed to peel my eyes open this morning.

I was in what appears to be my room at Crazy Dog House (big room, always same layout, sometimes differently decorated, though the bed appears built in or extremely heavy as it doesn't appear to move or change), I found some old contacts (which I have never owned never mind seen before) in crazy colours.  I got it into my head to try them on.


Back to the house on the cliff

The vege garden was a freaking mess.  I noticed it when we arrived at the house.  We hadn't needed the excessive driveway down the side so had converted it into a slightly wider than driveway half acre long vege strip.  And there were weeds and elephant ear ferns growing all through it.

I informed Josh that I was going to get rid of the weeds.  I intended my gloves into existance (I didn't go get them, they just appeared in my hands and I put them on) and got to work.  A few weeds later the patch was not only clear, it was also thriving with many veges not far off harvest.

[as I was relating this dream to Josh, he said if that worked in real life he would have me out in the vege patch weeding right now]