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biker mice from mars fanart

Small thank you for a good friend

Quick thank you sketch I scratched out for a very good friend of mine. We’ve been chatting constantly online for years and years now and haven’t actually met in person, but this didn’t stop him going above and beyond one night, staying up with me while I was having a meltdown over my failing computer system, helping me research problems with first Ubuntu and then Chakra, and finally recommending Manjaro and waiting around while I muddled my way through the install to make sure I would at least be able to go to bed having gotten the system operational.

Strike a Pose!

Midnight decided to branch out into more action poses and came up with this pic of her character Dahlilah (link currently goes to a flat wip), apparently fending off some troublemakers who mistook her for a soft target after she had just left training. So I knocked out a quick sketch of Starzone for her to spar with when I needed a break from doing photobooks. Haven’t yet decided if I want to bring Starzone and co back in the sequel to the collab fanfic Mid and I were doing, and if I do if it should be as adults or their original teenage selves, so Starzi is her 17-19yo original self in this pic as that was easier on my brain.

Taliesin concept sketch

Super-quickie sketch of Taliesin (genderless shadowshifter/mouse hybrid child of Helios and Sunkiss) for Midnight to give her an idea of xir default colour scheme. The colouring was also super quick and turned out all right so I guess I have to colour all my sketches from hereon :) This work by ryivhnn is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License

Biker Mice from Mars + FC: Unexpected Carry

In response to a comment Artaith left on the Rescue sketch on deviantART XD Sprat made the point that it’s entirely possible to “bridal carry” someone the same height as you but this was more fun and playful. And I have no idea what the relationship between Stoker and enGage is, she may well cut out his heart for this in the next panel, I decided it was amusing for all concerned.

Rescue sketch

Quick sketch of a scene from the first chapter of the fanfic collab with Midnight. Stoker is copyrighted to whatever megacorp has the Biker Mice from Mars licenses. Windsong (the one being carried) is mine. This work by ryivhnn is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License

Biker Mice from Mars FC: Brandt Maverick

I needed a break from feathering, Midnight had just rolled out a concept of a new character, he was such a prettyboy and I’d wanted to see how my colouring looked on her drawing style. The timing was perfect. Brandt Maverick belongs to Midnight, this pic was coloured with permission. Character is still under heavy development and may not look the same once she’s done with him :) This work by ryivhnn is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.


No drabble this time round, sorry, brain is occupied with other things :) So there we were, chatting on Skype, when Midnight21 linked me to a picture on dA which I will not go look for as it was not safe for prudes (there were two guys, one was sitting up reading, the other crled against him, but you couldn’t see his head so he could have been doing anything) and said she could imagine Helios and Sunkiss doing that, as Helios would probably enjoy reading his books to Sunkiss (the guy’s a decent writer as well as a brilliant artist).

Lay it on me

Stoker is going to spit chips. That was the last fully formed logical thought in Helios’ mind as he watched in fascination as the clothes quite literally vanished from the slender honey coloured young looking man standing before him. “How did you…?” he paused uncertainly, wondering if the question was rude. “The clothes are part of our morph.” The honey coloured male called itself Sunkiss and was the ambassador of a pack of shadowshifters (which were apparently different from shapeshifters, but Helios wasn’t quite sure what the difference was aside from they didn’t naturally have genders) which his brother, the newly appointed King Silverfire, had contracted to help get rid of some rather disturbing threats to the kingdom.


Starzone is the mouse. Zara is the human. Zara uses “Starzone” as a callsign. The original Starzone was a Biker Mice from Mars fan character done in the usual style of fan characters, she was way overpowered and Mary Sue and may have had stupid random flaws attached to not make her seem as overpowered and Mary Sue as she was. I redeveloped her a bit later and she turned out all right, though I never got around to publishing the fanfic with her and her coterie.


They’d wanted to play kickball with the other kids. It was the shady side of Red Rock, any sane, civilised being would…well…they probably wouldn’t have been in the slummy ghetto area to begin with, never mind leaving their eight year old and three year old unsupervised with that…rabble. It was the way of the Tir tribes though to encourage independance as the child demonstrated ability to handle more maturity and responsibility, and Zenith trusted his kids.