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January ProgBlog #3: this again

I really don't like repeating work.  As a result it was super easy for me to get distracted world building for a playtest of that system I made (it's currently called Skill Monkey because the way I designed it, eventually long running characters will probably have a very long list of Skills).

image 226


January Progblog #2

I am going to do the down in two systems and I am most likely going to regret it.  The big downy feathers (which aren't called that but I can't remember what they're called) were finished not long ago, they are topside and underside but they look pretty much the same.

image 223

The render actually isn't terrible at a distance.

image 222

Different story up close x_x I need to fiddle with the strand thickness and number.


January Progblog #1: first one for the year

And I very nearly missed it (okay technically I did miss it coz it's now after midnight but shhh x_x) because I'm trying to get used to a modified schedule and there was a bit of stuff on today and also the usual not being sure if I should bother postinng because I don't feel like I've made enough progress.

But first one of the year and I am trying to get back into the habit of weekly progblogs.

I actually didn't get to do much art last week as I spent most of it rejigging schedules and the Obsidian vault I use as a journal/organiser/thing (I'm still in the middle of modifications, it's a work in progress and changes whenever I discover a new process or shiny or they put in something new) and trying to sort out and organise things for this year, or at least first term.


December ProgBlog 1: here we go again

I don't think I've ever had a last month of the year run according to any semblance of a plan and that may or may not have something to do with my persistent delusion that I can somehow continue doing the same thing plus all the extra time consuming things in the same amount of time.

Pro-tip: it never works.

The end of year display was great, and I had the "brilliant" idea to film the whole thing (I did get permission from the head coach to do it first) and edit them all together.

My camera work (the camera was my phone) was shaky and awful and the position I was in was the best I could do at the time but definitely was not the best.  But to get better I'd need a multiple camera setup in some interesting locations and I don't have multiple cameras.  The sound in the recording was also muddy so I had to overlay some tracks.


Greet the Sun

Not quite a redo of Shimmering Wings.  Next job is to try and work out if the first gen Avians had head feathers or if they developed later on down the track.  Taha'ne is the earliest known ancestor of Tsa'run and the original developer/inventor of "The Art" (a branch of kung fu specifically tailored to the Winged who eventually evolved into the Flyers, and which was further developed to accommodate both Base Terrans and Evolved with extra limbs).


Guardian Angel

silhouette sketch of an Avian on a building

Here we have Azrael in a rare moment of happiness (no he's not about to kill someone this time).

Very quick redo of a 2010 silhouette sketch from my sketchbook.  It was supposed to be coloured but the coloured version ended up being too dark so I just used the multiply, overlay and dodge brushes from David Revoy's awesome brush set.  The original will never again see the light of day unless you're a Patreon XD


I have wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiings!

And this time they're not broken XD

Feather rigging took forever.  I probably still haven't done it right and I cannot for the life of me figure out how to make controllers for them (good thing I'm not aspiring to be a rigger!) but it will do for now.


Particle wing progression

Blender Avian model with particle feathers

Every now and again I need to do a test render to show myself some progress, because laying out feathers is very tedious.  Right wing only has flight feathers, left wing has two layers of underside coverts (the second layer is incomplete) and I'll figure out how to do the downy feathers later.  In the interests of speed I set it to render only one child per strand, this one took about 15mins.  5 children per strand looks better, when I have the time and the inclination I'll compare it to 20 (which was what I was using originally before there were too many feathers) and see if the extra children is worth the jump in render time.


Particle feathers

Blender Avian with particle feathers

Particle feathers look a hell of a lot better than polygon feathers but take about a million years to render.  This frame took 50mins.  This would be why people use polygon feathers with texture maps. this stage I may bite the excessive render times for the nicer appearance.


Can't fudge this

The good thing about drawing is that you can blithely say that your character has a 20m wingspan and still draw them folded up neatly against their backs in the pose everyone expects, which is something similar to my short-armed redo which had a roughly 5m wingspan:

Blender Avian model with chicken wings