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May ProgBlog #2: character roll

There's really not a lot of prog to blog as I'm well and truly stuck again.  Very slowly doing the step by step caching physics thing to frame 0 (something keeps going wrong and making me have to start again and it's not fun for anyone) which is exactly what I was doing last week.

@rainite asked me about my characters on Discord and I said I'd done a few and would so a summary post for them, and figured I may as well chuck it in this progblog because it's kind of prog (just over a longer period than a week) rather than making a separate summary post (which feels like cheating because I've posted all of these pics before, if it's in a progblog as a progress thing it feels slightly less like cheating even though it's basically the same thing, see it's this kind of logic that allows people to justify idiocy).


Maybe specify the action (nsfw inside)

how i met your mother

jedau requested an "action shot" of Aurelius.  It may have also been a pencil sketch request but I was doing so many scribbly pen coloured ones I kind of got carried away.  Oops :S

The nsfw one was actually the first one to jump into my gutter mind but after joking about it while trying to work out what kind of action shot Jed had in mind, I said I didn't think I was ready for another one yet, and turned my attention to the first one.

The basic idea was "how I met your mother" (so this scene would happen a bit before the block I'm currently working on), theme song is Owl City: Bird with a Broken Wing.


Happy engagement!

Two people in love

Engagement present for @jedau and @randomli.

I was going to do my usual little ficlet to go with this one but Jed has something in mind so I don't want to clash, and also I don't actually know Aurelius' wife's name XD (actually up til Jed got attached to him I didn't know a whole lot about him). They have some cute babies though XP

I was thinking about throwing some text in there but I couldn't think of anything poignant or even intelligent to write, and also realised that I'd have to change the composition if I included text as it would unbalance otherwise.

ahhahahahahaaa listen to me sound like I know what I'm talking about

So then I thought about putting some clouds in there as they're fun to paint, but had the same problem as with the text and besides which I want them to have cloudless skies together (metaphorically ie a long and happy life).


Thursday stream - more High artbombed by Surf's Upgoat

Last Thursday stream as I'm switching to Fridays next week or so (whether I'll manage next Friday is another thing as Sprat is up on holiday so we've been hanging).  Decided to stream despite not having backup as I was going to be busy doing other things on the Friday when I did have backup so decided to continue working on @jedau and @randomli's engagement present.


Thursday stream - High

I started on an engagement present for @jedau on Wednesday, and decided to continue it on Thursday so of course it got streamed.

Did something slightly different, instead of just cutting a piece out of each track as usual, I axed anything that wasn't sappy, upbeat, uplifting or didn't have lyrics I could use and used slightly longer samples than otherwise.  The first and last tracks are still the first and last tracks (and in fact the first track was the inspiration for the piece as well as what I thought of when I read Jed's dramatised recount of the proposal to his girlfriend).  The ending is rather abrupt because I was pretty tired by that point and my computer was playing silly buggers.

Track list:


Aurelius quick concept


@jedau over on Steemit took a bit of a shine to Aurelius in the Black Fingernails Red Wine piece due to name similarities, and these gems came up in the course of our conversation:

Haha! Definitely make him look like a Quokka :D


Oh right!! They're native to Australia haha! Man, I wish I had those things as pets haha! Maybe add in a scar across Aurelius left eye to give him that sort of intimidating presence. When people ask how he got it, he'll think of some awesome story, when really it was because he slipped while getting a midnight snack and hit his face on the corner wall.

Do you have any idea whatsoever how impossible it is to make a quokka look intimidating? Even when they're a therio? It's that nose.  I can't work under these conditions! XD