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September ProgBlog #1: the state of fyn

Which is not nearly as entertaining or interesting as the states of the @nonameslefttouse addresses.

After ages of trying I've finally come to the conclusion that I can't make enough progress fast enough for a Patreon to be worthwhile to most people, and also there were some little niggly things that were bothering me, so I've partially shut it down (deleted my pledges to other creators and "unlaunched" my creator page but haven't deleted the account yet, I may either do that or relaunch down the line, will see what happens).

So I'm down to just ko-fi and crypto in my pathetic attempts to make money doing my thing.


Run XD

3d base models running still

Base dragging Avi off on another epic adventure (or just to go find the missing-because-not-yet-made D).

Doing the turnaround directly before that with two characters was entertaining.


The company I keep

Or rather hang around the periphery of and watch.

I saw this on the front page of deviantART (hey the front page is good for something after all ;) when I went to log in:

Lightning La Buff Bust by mattj324

In my usual fashion after dropping in to leave a boring "wow" type comment, I went through the rest of the person's gallery and then watched them.


Blender Adventures Part 2

I finally got basic modelling in Blender.

All I needed was to find where the subdivision tool was hidden.

Early days Blender and Lightwave comparison:


I prefer having a menu on my right as I use a Cintiq and find it quicker to access stuff I don't know keyboard shortcuts for (or that don't have keyboard shortcuts) if the menu is over to the right.  I can move it in preferences in Lightwave.


One 3d App to rule them all

I had Quadrapop over earlier today and she was looking over my shoulder and critting the work I'd done on Red's hands so far.  I am aware the hand is the wrong shape and was planning on fixing that in Lightwave where I have poly modelling tools but after receiving the second degree I got motivated enough to attempt it in Sculptris (after firing up Lightwave and fixing the hands on the base models and putting the legs in Da Vinci pose while I was about it).

Quadrapop had in the meantime headed home so I dropped the following image into a group chat blaming her for the kick up the arse:

Makied hand after using Sculptris grab tool