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Ok darqx you kinda asked for it with the previous ask but what kind of songs would demon king Rire sing if he were to do karaoke? Would he dance around a little bit as well? TELL US MORE (please c: )

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Probably all those melodic songs about demon/devil type characters because that would be somewhat amusing to him

fun fact i was actually listening to ballroom blitz whilst doodling this lmao

(pose from this OC prompt i couldnt resist even though the movement is ooc XD)


Omg who is this male nurse i'm intrigued

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His name is Ethan Tan and he likes spending time with his family and playing tennis.


drawinginthemargins: Bisexuality Awareness Day. Be aware of...

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Bisexuality Awareness Day. Be aware of bisexuals, they are dangerous.

I’m an hour late but idc. Have this nerd for bisexual visibility day or w/e


idk if anyone has asked this before but what kinda drunk would demon king rire be? i imagine he has a very high tolerance tho.

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  • Slinky languid affable drunk
  • Seems pretty much sober (until he gets in the car and crashes it or blows like 5x over the legal limit)
  • Charm can get notched up to like a kabillion
  • Can walk to the bathroom alone and come back with a new posse
  • Increased charm has simultaneous effect of creeping some people out because there’s a point where you’re too charming and it’s recognisable as being rather unnatural
  • Can be encouraged to sing karaoke

gaius-d: It still surprises me at how few people have seen...

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It still surprises me at how few people have seen Freak of the Week, and I love sharing it with friends because of the inevitable, “How the hell have I never seen this?” look of awe drawn out on their face.

And man, it really is gorgeous.

Directed by Juanjo Guarnido, it took the team about a year of hard work to hammer out this bloody masterpiece (which you can learn about in his video here) using a combination of 3D animation with the power of college interns  skill of a team of artists to painstakingly re-draw the 3D elements they wanted in 2D frame-by-frame, not to mention the post processing and… everything else.

 Even though it came out in 2014, it doesn’t seem to have ever garnered the attention it truly deserves.

I really wanna drive this point home, so to give you an idea, Ghost by Mystery Skulls, animated by MysteryBen27 has 18,147,263 views.  
Freak of the Week has only 2,271,121 views at the time I’m writing this.  That’s fucking depressing for something so … phenomenal.  I want more of this, and hell, maybe you do too.  But we’re not going to see anymore simply because the right people haven’t seen it.  In fact, it failed to reach a respectable level of Internet Popularity®, Juanjo himself even described it in the comments section as having ruined him because of how little attention it got.  

So if you’re reading this and you’ve got some connections with a TV network or something, consider pulling some strings to get this video spoon-fed to the masses, because people ought to see this.  I’m sure Juanjo would be all too happy to oblige.  And hell, if you wanna buy the art book, you can get the link here for about $50.

Now, maybe you recognize the former Disney animator Juanjo Guarnido for his other work: Blacksad.

Which is a comic set in the late 1950′s about a hardboiled private investigator published originally by Dark Horse Comics that does… y’know, the …

… noir investigator …

… aloof ladies man…

… badass …

… detective story thing.

That I haven’t yet read but I TOTALLY NEED TO.  


I guess I’m bringing up Freak of the Week because I was reading the comment section and, man, it kinda got me down.  

Some of the best things things out there just haven’t been seen by the right people, I guess.  But I suppose it’s also a depressing statement on the culture of the internet that the video makes.


vehementmoth: tfw u want to talk to people and become friends but you’re actually super shitty as...

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tfw u want to talk to people and become friends but you’re actually super shitty as conversing 


How to Conquer the Toy Clutter!


A while back I told you to’ask me anything‘, and you did.

Jo asked me;

“How do you manage clutter? With a craft obsessed 4 year old, a two year old destructive force and a newborn all crammed into a 2 bedroom house I find I spend a huge amount of time picking things up off the floor or tripping over them. I know we have too many toys but how do we decide what stays and what goes?”

I really struggle with getting rid of stuff and have done for a long time, but I’ve picked up a few tips and tricks over the years, so, to answer Jo’s question, I’m sharing how we conquer the toy clutter.

When you have young kids it can be easy to find yourself knee deep in toys and not have any idea how you got there!

That was me a few years back. Keeping the house tidy felt like an impossible task, packing up had become a constant battle with my kids, and despite having loads of toys my kids never seemed to play with anything for long.

All the toy clutter, and the arguments, and the never ending picking up, was driving me bonkers and even though I struggle with letting things go, I knew I had to do something.

After a massive clean up and throw out here’s how I keep on top of the toy clutter these days..

Reduce the number of toys we have

I periodically go through our toys and get rid of anything that is broken and unfixable or unusable due to missing pieces – we throw these away or recycle them.

I also look for any toys that my kids have grown out of – these either get given to friends and family (ask first!) or to charity.

I also look for things that my kids never play with, or toys that cause arguments, or things that make a huge mess that no one ever wants to pack up – these either get given the flick or if I think they might be used at some point and we have the space, I store them away, but mostly I try to just let them go!

Rotating toys.

We don’t have a dedicated play room, and we don’t have a lot of space to store toys for every day use, so we rotate our toys.

There is a small selection of toys that are accessible to the kids in the family room, a small selection of ‘this is my favourite special thing’ type toys that they keep on a shelf in their bedrooms, and the rest is packed in boxes and stored away.

The toys that are out are stored in tubs and baskets on shelves, so they are easy for the kids to get out, and easy to pack up and put pack on the shelf. There is only a small amount out at any one time – usually a construction set, something for imaginative play, some games and puzzles, and some fine motor/fiddle toys. That’s it.

There are books and basic drawing supplies available all the time, and the kids can get other things out of the art cupboard but they need to ask first.

We usually swap the toys around every couple of months (we did it more often when they were younger and home all the time). As they’ve gotten older the kids have been in charge of swapping their own toys over. If they come and say ‘Can I have the trains out’ the answer is ‘yes, what will you put away so you can get out the trains?’

Storing toys

We store the toys that are not in use wherever we have space! We don’t have a lot of storage space so there are tubs of toys stacked on top of wardrobes, and under beds, and in the shed.

Getting smart with how you store things helps a lot.

Large zip lock bags are great for puzzles and other flat items, and cloth bags with a draw string (easy to sew your own) are great for storing all kinds of things. The bags fit easily inside big tubs so you can store a lot and still keep it sorted.

We use large plastic tubs with lids so we can stack them and plastic under-bed storage tubs. Labeling the tubs with general categories – puzzles, games, figurines, construction etc. will help you find things and help the kids pack things away when they are older.

Reduce the amount of toys coming in.

I am not good at decluttering and letting things go. I always want to keep things ‘just in case’ even when I know that is ridiculous! For me, it is much easier to reduce the amount of things that come into our house in the first place, than to get rid of things later.

With that in mind we try to make sure that all toys that enter our house are going to get lots of use. We look for toys that are ‘open-ended’ and can be used in a variety of ways by a variety of age groups (that’s really important for us as we 6 years between our oldest and youngest kids and all our kids share play spaces).

Now that our kids are older we try to give ‘experiences’, rather than toys, as gifts, and encourage family to do the same.

We also put a limit on the amount of something we can have. A couple of years ago it was Monster High Dolls – my girls could only spend their pocket money on one if they could fit another one in the box on their shelf. When the shelves in their bedroom are full, they knew the have to get rid of something before they can add anything else. This inbuilt limit makes it easier for kids to manage the amount of toys they have on their own.

How do you conquer the toy clutter at your house?

I still struggle to let things go, especially toys my kids have loved but since grown out of. How do you decide what to get rid of and what to keep?

I’d love to hear how you manage the clutter at your house. Leave a comment below and share any tips or ideas that work for you.

And thanks to Jo for asking this question. If you’ve got a question send me an email, or pop over and leave a comment on this blog post and I’ll do my very best to answer it.

For more tips on how to organise kids and all their stuff check out my Simple Series post on organising kids and the free printable bag tag reminders here.

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Tumblr - Expectations Vs Reality 

I love her.

This is so freaking fantastic… LOL

No models needed. Please replace them with her.



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