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Base prices are for 1-2 characters in a group.  A "group" is where all the characters are in the same scene/interacting with each other.  "Additional characters" are for bigger groups.


Character sketchies


Additional characters: 2SBD | AU$5 each

Pencil or sketchy pen: 2SBD | AU$5


tell-me-baby.png  test.png

Sketchy ink with quick colours/shading: 5SBD | AU$10


protective.jpeg   dollagoat.jpg

Sketchy ink with "wet/textured" brush or weighted ink with any kind of colour: 10SBD | AU$20


mermay-01.png  artwatch-freckles-2.jpg

Full treatment


Additional characters: 5SBD | AU$10

Bust to half body with simple background: 25SBD | AU$50



Bust to half body with detailed background: 35SBD | AU$70



Full body with simple background: 35SBD | AU$70



Full body with detailed background: 50SBD | AU$100


summer-sunshine.png  arkwright-sensible-size.png


Upgoat/cute critter footers:


Includes name.  I do these for upvotes and resteems for decent people :) If you want one ask on one of my posts (to make it easier for me to find you) or Discord (but tell me what your steem name is if different from your Discord one!).  If I'm not given colour and pattern preferences for the upgoats they will be roughly steem blue and some random goat pattern off the internet.


Additional characters:

  • anything I can use one of my base models for: 50SBD | AU$100
  • anything else: 100SBD | AU$200
  • anything violently asymmetrical: ask

Studio shot (simple background, possible primitive props at my discretion): 125SBD | AU$250



Terms & Conditions

  1. I will be using the finished product for promotional/portfolio purposes.  It has otherwise been created just for you and won't be resold or mass produced.  You retain your copyrights to your characters
  2. I may reject commissions.  Generally I don't do anything involving visible genitals (annoying fiddly things that they are), anything promoting intolerance, and characters that aren't yours (fan characters and canon species e.g. Pokemon belonging to fan characters are okay)
  3. all works in progress will be posted publicly on this blog, steem and deviantART.  Communication will be done by email if you don't have an account on any of the them
  4. SBD or the equivalent in steem to be sent to @ryivhnn from steem front end of choice.  Fiat can be transferred via Paypal to fynart at  Other cryptos can be arranged, total price will be whatever the exchange rate for the fiat is around the time of agreement.
    1. sketchies: 100% upfront
    2. 2d full treatment and 3d studio shot: 50% to start, 50% on completion
  5. refunds may given if:
    1. you cancel your commission in the early stages (anywhere up to flat colours for 2d pieces, sculpting stage for 3d pieces)
    2. something happens that makes me unable to complete your commission in a timely fashion and you don't want to wait so long
    3. you don't receive any progress reports from me at least 4 weeks after the last contact
  6. refunds will not be given for sketches or anything past the early stages


  1. send an email to the Paypal email in the block on the left hand side, leave a comment on one of my steem posts or send me a message on deviantART with as much detail as possible
  2. there is a list on the sidebar of this site, in some of my art-related steem posts and on the profile page of my deviantart (which will vary in appearance but the information is the same) which will let everyone whose commission has been accepted where they are in the queue
  3. sketches and studio shots are done with minimal discussion.  I read your description, look at any reference pics provided, take note of any preferred poses/interactions and then you get what you get :)
  4. for full treatment:
    1. I produce 3 rough-as-guts sketches from which to refine ideas
    2. you approve an idea, I start work
  5. requesting too many changes (especially in the later parts where changing is difficult) may incur additional costs
  6. when the final payment has been received I will send you a link either by Discord, email or private message for the high res (2560x1440px or other agreed size) version