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Drupal 7 notes: html5 placeholder text

Fairly straightforward. Mostly here as a reminder for how to do webforms; (example has a theoretical nid of 1 and a theoretical form field called “message” and the “submitted” part stymied me for a bit). template.php <?php function mytheme_form_webform_client_form_1_alter(&$form, &$form_state, $form_id) { $form['submitted']['message']['#attributes']['placeholder'] = t('Type your message here...'); } ?> Could also use a switch in hook_form_alter(). One of these days I’ll think about finding out if there’s any difference performance-wise in using a big switch with many form alterations or several smaller hook_form_form_id_alters.

Sprat does not share my scss enthusiasm

[reformatted the code during migration to make it slightly easier to read, this was a copy/paste from some text conversation and all formatting was lost] ryivhnn 6/04/12 10:23 PM hee hee other cool thing with sass, i do this: @mixin inline-block { display: inline-block; margin: 0 -2px; vertical-align: top; } and then when i need things inline-blocked etc (in a few places) i do: #container { .stuff-what-needs-inlining { @include inline-block; } } Darqx 6/04/12 10:24 PM i look at that and see what looks to be php mixed with css and want to run away screaming

css notes: fixed middle fluid outer column

Also known as: I’m a blithering idiot. I spent way too long overthinking this problem and only finding solutions with floats (I have very specific cases where I’ll use floats for layout, also I could have missed anything that didn’t use floats for layout as I was stupidly staying up way too late when working on this). The way to do it is actually embarrassingly easy. I’ll be using it for the header and footer (after I’ve installed Sassy, prepro and phpsass.

theAbysmal Calendar Drupal module

I think it’s done now. fixed an issue where the years weren’t being calculated properly (?!) I may be slightly out of sync with the official documentation, at least according to the tests I’ve done on my local so far. This year should match up, and so will key dates (New Year Day and Leap Day). I’ve shifted leap years to fall on multiples of 4 so calculating would be a simple case of if mod 4 is 0, it’s a leap year, if mod 128 is 0, it’s not a leap year, so some of my years will be a day or two out theabysmal_calendar.

Musings on The Cloud

[minor pseudonymising edits during Drupal to hugo migration for all the good that will do now] clouds (Photo credit: Extra Medium) And Zemanta gives me pretty cloud pictures like this one. I’m actually talking about that cloud computing “fad” (seen the term tossed around to describe it, wonder if it’s a fad like Facebook and the internet in general is a fad). A friend from work recently asked if I had a Dropbox account.

Not on track. Don't panic.

The scripts are still done (it’s been months and I still haven’t changed/edited). I don’t know if I’m on track to be able to start animating by the end of the year. Just thought about the amount of work involved, there’s sound and voice actors and…I have a low level panic attack happening in the back of my brain somewhere which is making me think about hyperventilating but up here on the surface I’m calm and all is well and I just keep plugging and thinking about writing reviews for Lightwave 11 (I got a free upgrade because I bought 10 a couple of months ago which I thought was very awesome of NewTek) and gIMP.

Playing catchup

I am all over the joint! So what else is new. Now according to the provider the backup malarky was caused by me having a duplicate account on another server, probably from when I got my ssl certificate and needed to be moved to a server that could handle that. The duplicate has been removed and miscellaneous fallout resulting from that dealt with. Unfortunately it means November posts and users from here, Red Planet and WANLN are now completely gone.

Family themed photos and miscellaneous ramblings

[minor pseudonymising edits during Drupal to hugo migration for all the good that will do now] Yesterday, we went out for a drive. Christmas Island isn’t the biggest island in the world, if you point the car’s nose down the road and drive without stopping along any major track you’ll end up back where you started in about half an hour. We went out in an exploratory mood and took many photos.

Backup malarky and prelimary theAbysmal scripts

If this post disappears, it’s entirely my fault as I told the provider that this site could just be rolled back to the last backup (assuming the last backup he had was more recent than the one I had). What happened with the backups? It’s a long and sordid story. Actually it’s not that long, just slightly confusing. See the provider does scheduled backups as all decent providers should. But last month and earlier this month something very strange happened.

What to do when .gitignore doesn't

So. At work we’ve switched from using svn to git (and GitHub). Difference: decentralised, therefore “commit” commits it to the local repo rather than the remote/centralised one, and you have to “commit” then “push” to the remote. Problem: .gitignore was not gitignoring some files (settings.php and .htaccess which I had to change to make it work on my local) which it was supposed to be gitignoring. Solution as per