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September ProgBlog #2: accidental hyperfocus

I accidentally spent the entire week on UASG (or to be extremely specific, on those freaking dreadlocks >_<). I’m currently on my…6th or 7th iteration. I thought I’d be a smartarse and lay out the curve guides first (which I think I mentioned last progblog), and then followed up with experiments on whether I use the particle hair controls or the similar looking controls on the curve guides themselves to do the dreadlocks.

September ProgBlog #1: getting hairy again

The slow and painful days are starting to become a habit I really need to snap out of. Both projects are plodding along and I’m kind of bumbling my way through everything else around them with varying degrees of success. AER After switching back to the colour map, I attacked the shape of the dragon tattoo, adding in these little belly scale segmentation things. Trust me it’s one of those tiny little things that you don’t notice when it’s done but that you would definitely notice if it hadn’t been done x_x

August ProgBlog #3: where did that week go?

It was starting and I had plans and then other stuff happened and I just kind of tried to deal with things (generally failing) so kind of just buried into music (generally looping my project playlists) and did stuff (not nearly as much as I wanted, yeh I know that’s the usual story, but it’s even less done than usual as brain is not functioning correctly at the moment, I borked) and then suddenly it was the weekend.

August ProgBlog #2: stalls and tools

It’s been a few weeks. And then I finally got around to writing this thing, and was making some half-decent progress (while chatting to sibling dearest in our inaugural hopefully weekly project chat and progressing some other stuff as well) and then had one of those infuriating semi-frequent crashes that refuses under any circumstances to be diagnosed (it’s probably hardware because there is literally nothing that I am doing that can reproduce them reliably).

August ProgBlog #1: branching out

The scales are still going. The only thing that’s changed is that I’m now in the yellow PURPLE section! XD I was in the yellow section when I was writing this progblog, I missed Friday for various reasons to intended to post over the weekend, missed the weekend for related reasons, thought I’d post on Monday, didn’t, thought fine I’ll just cram over the week and the cramming got done but I missed Friday again for very slightly associated with last weekend reasons x_x And I realised after actually looking at ko-fi that I haven’t updated for over two weeks, oops x_x (I only paid attention because they said they were letting gold members trial the tiers and that I had early access to be able to provide feedback, it was supposed to be for gold members but I’m not one so I guess there was either a slow rollout or a trial group, either way it seems to be open for everyone now).