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Art therapy

RIP Malki

My cat Graymalkin died recently.  She was 17 years old, and went peacefully curled up in the sun in one of her favourite sunning spots. 

From when she was a kitten she would snooze or just sit and chill on my lap whenever I was at my computer.  She got me through uni and a bad breakup which had me running home to Christmas Island for a little while.  If not for her I wouldn't have gone back to Perth and would have ended up living a completely different life.  Her weight (what there was of it, she was a teeny tiny cat) and purring and soft fur got me through all the things that required focus and concentration while sitting still.

It's really hard concentrating without her there, and my chest hurts as I wait and then remember she's not going to jump up now.


Upgoat on an upboat

Upgoat on an upboat

Because some of the people on the TeamAus Discord chat keep calling upvotes upboats and recently along came upgoats.


#steemwars sketches

Apparently I'm the #steemwars cartoonist for #teamaustralia.  I think I'm supposed to occasionally produce stuff for our illustrious leader SirKnight:

Sir Knight sir!

Do quickie lead images for bulletins on request:

Killer quok


And see if I can find anything fun to sketchcomic on the #steemwars tag I guess.  Fun ^_^


The real reason why J wears headphones all the time... so he doesn't have to listen to my inane rambling XD

So he's over at the table minding his own business, listening to whatever it is he's listening to while opening boosters and sorting and sleeving Magic cards (sometimes audiobooks, sometimes podcasts, sometimes footy games, sometimes music), and I'm working on detailing this thing:

dragon tattoo drawing wip

when I idly wonder out loud: "I wonder if Asian dragons ever have spinal problems."

"Sorry you talking to me dear?" He hits the pause button.  I hate repeating myself but I'm as used to this as he's used to my semi-random inanity.


Sunday and Monday streaming

I'm usually streaming on Picarto on Sundays after 12 and Thursdays from 9am-3pm AWST, though lion dance season is coming up which may throw the Sunday streaming a bit.  I did a random ~4hr stream today as the in-laws have a busy week this week and decided to come today rather than not coming at all because they're awesome like that, working on an Ingress wallpaper:

Ingress wallpaper wip

Yesterday I switched up between working on the Zul'jinn concept:

Zul'jinn concept wip


Kludgy OBS scene switcher for linux

Edited 2017 Jan 7: made the scripts slightly more reliable (not relying on window ids) but they will now get extremely confused if there's more than one instance of Blender open

Because I'm not smart enough to get the MacOS version of the Automatic Scene Switching plugin for OBS Studio, I gumbied an easy manual one with bash scripts.

So there's some scenes set up in OBS like so:

OBS scenes

Set shortcuts for the scenes in OBS settings like so:

OBS Studio hotkey settings


Bees have ants?

11yo: the drones are the male bees.  They sit around and eat honey, then they mate and die.
7yo: don't they store honey?
11yo: the drones are the ones with wings.
7yo: some bees don't have wings? O_o
11yo: OH! I was thinking about ants XD
7yo: bees have ants? o_O


3D Coat/Blender notes: Getting ptex textures from 3d Coat to Blender

tl;dr: bake the damn things.

After painting, from the paint room go to Textures > Texture Baking Tool

3d Coat Texture Baking Tool menu item

Fill in the stuff on the dialogue box as appropriate (I have no idea how correct my settings are, I tend to take a best guess with anything I don't know :P)

3d coat texture baking dialogue


Works in progress

Because I'm failing at making proper progblogs due to having to slog through a massive backlog (which now has a severe dent in it, unfortunately I think I also made a dent in myself XD).

Chimaera retopo

Retopology of a chimaera in 3d Coat which I will rig in Blender and then draw over

Ingress wallpaper wip

Ingress character wallpaper being worked on in Krita

Avian feather progress


Wacom Cintiq Companion Hybrid/13HD and associated app settings on Ubuntu Studio 16.04LTS

Downloading all the things

Add the repository for Gnome Pie Menu:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:simonschneegans/testing 
sudo apt-get update


Download helper utilities:

sudo apt-get install easystroke wmctrl xdotool gnome-pie


Download apps: