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BMJ requested a springbok holding a shot glass and a rugby ball for a mascot for one of the communities he's in.  He got a bonus two because I had some fun ideas.  I wasn't going to do any shading but felt that they needed that something extra.  Haven't done cel shading for a while but it worked out better than expected, partially helped by learning how to handle the new Krita brushes.


Blender notes: curve guides for particle hair and bonus hair colour without making separate emitter geometry

Add the hair in the usual fashion.

Hair setup screenie

By default the hair will just sprout wherever.  To restrict it to a certain part of the mesh, create a vertex group in vertex paint mode, and then use the group you created as a density map (found at the bottom of the particle panel).


March ProgBlog #3

Last week was working on pants and boots (and getting to use some fabric normals and a leather material some kind souls made available on Blendswap):

Screenshot 20180324 134447

trying to wrangle the hair into several hair ties (it was supposed to be tied with a cord but I finally got it through my thick skull that it wouldn't stay, even when I did have long hair I didn't do anything interesting with it, so I'm going to claim total stupidity ignorance and too much anime on my part there!):


Happy New Year!

Farewell 2017, happy 2018!

I did my usual and had a drink while 3d-ing.  I probably should have taken a photo of the drink for the benefit of the steem crowd but didn't.  JJ piked out but the kids stayed up with me (probably for the novelty of staying up til midnight as 8yo's bedtime is 8, and the big two at 9:30).  Despite procrastinating for pretty much the entire day I managed to finally close the retopo and have started painting.

Screenshot 20180101 002159


Come on in, the water's fine! :D


Special request for @kubbyelizabeth! And a reminder of what happens when fyn gets carried away with ideas ;D

I've done progblogs for this one so just included detail shots, though can do the whole shebang in one if that's what people want.  Additionally there was supposed to be a process video for this but my computer crashed while I was recording one of the sessions which corrupted that video so I spat it and gave up on that one.





Water's Fine progblog #3

Last progblog I'd finished light and shadow 1.  I hoped I could get light and shadow 2 done in one session.  I did get there eventually XD

steem-mers light and shadow 2

Light and shadow 3 should theoretically go a little bit quicker as they're kind of emphasis layers.  I'll decide then whether they're high enough to do caustics, at this stage I'm likely to bail as doing caustics on this many characters feels a little bit daunting.  Hoping to knock this one off tomorrow, but that will depend on what else is happening tomorrow.


Water's Fine progblog #2

Last progblog I was starting to work on patterning the merminnows with help from my frenemy Google Image Search (for minnow and danio, I didn't even know what a danio was until I started searching, but they are tiny and have interesting patterns).  After about a million billion trillion years, the flats got done:

steem-mers flats

And then about that again, light and shadow 1:


Water's Fine progblog #1

Got this request on Discord from @kubbyelizabeth:

Screenshot 20171030 092913

Happy to help out a steemate where I can, I agreed and asked her what she would like me to draw.  The answer:

Screenshot 20171030 093046

and then when I asked when she needed it by, it was along the lines of "whenever it's done".

Easiest client in the universe to work for! XD


steem upgoat comment footer process


I was going to make a comment footer anyway (which turned out to be bigger than I thought on busy, couldn't get Krita to resize it without things going stupid though) and decided to make a process video purely for testing out dtube and bitchute.


Art therapy 2

we're still here

Go my thoroughly imaginative titles.

Some things are still hurting (including guilt about not making anything to commemorate the deaths of some of my other pets, long other story there) but I'm functional.  Going to try and catch up on all the internet messages now.  The face to face appointments and things are just going to have to wait til next week when I can handle dealing with people that aren't people I like.

A lot of lovebombing from these two helped a lot.  There are a few other non-humans in the house but Taliesin (the dog) and Darkness (the cat) are specifically mine.