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Liddelow Homestead, John Oakey Davis Park and some miscellany

The City of Gosnells recently had its Homegrown Festival, but due to many clashes of things the only thing we ended up making was the Liddelow Homestead Open Day.  It has a really cool corridor.

Corridor in Liddelow Homestead, Gosnells, Western Australia

There was also a stove which the kids didn't initially recognise as such, we spent a few minutes talking about what it might be before I told them what it was, and we then discussed how one might control the temperature of the stove when cooking.

Old woodfired stove in Liddelow Homestead, Gosnells, Western Australia


Homeschool catchup post

The day before we flew out to Christmas Island, we went on an excursion to the Art Gallery of Western Australia.  They accommodate homeschool groups easily and the programs the kids did were great and seem to have been enjoyed by all.  To make running things easier for the staff, the kids had been divided into pre-primary to Year 3 (5-8yos) and year 4+ (9 and older).  The older group went for their activity first while the younger one went on the tour.  The younger group got split into two and 8yo, then 5yo and I ended up in a tiny little group consisting of ourselves and 8yo's then-6yo friend.  The tour guide got peppered with a billion questions as both girls are very interested in art and did a great job fielding them and the additional and often random questions from then-5yo.


Massive Christmas Island Photopost 2014-15

Minimal text, many photos, some videos.  Mishmash of scenic, happysnaps and homeschooling stuff coz that's how we roll.  Grab a drink and a snack before commencing.

First couple of weeks...

Waiting for plane at Perth International Airport, Western Australia

The airport wait wasn't terribly exciting but at least there were planes to watch being loaded, taking off and landing.

View from my bedroom window

Big asam tree across the road as seen from my bed.  It's always good to be home.


Homeschooling stuff

We're reaching the end of the year so it's been a bit slack on the socially accepted learning front as everyone is a bit tired and over it.  There's been a lot of playing going on and in our usual fashion the 2015 program has already been modified before we could even think about starting it.  Instead of doing bookwork every day, we're alternating with cooking where the kids will choose a recipe, check we have all of the ingredients before commencing (and write out shopping list to be able to do something next session if they really want a thing we don't have all the ingredients for) and do it themselves from start to finish. I will help with/supervise dangerous things (such as putting things in and out of ovens and anything that requires cooking on stove top) but they are otherwise on their own.


Home Ed Program and Booklist 2015

It's that time of year again and I'm doing it all in one post this time round.

10yo (Year 5) next year

9yo has been finding his yr5-6 maths book generally easy but some parts are challenging enough that I am going to keep one year ahead and see how he goes. He's been pretty much on track with English, most of his challenge seems to be the tedium of writing full sentence answers and a continued reluctance to practise writing though his writing can be neat when he wants it to be. If he starts finding the 5-6 books too easy I'll bump up to yr7 to see how he goes and back down again if that's too hard.

As he's older he can do a bit more bookwork now and will be doing 2 pages of English, 2 pages of Science and 2 pages of Maths per day (or just 1 if he does the Yr6 books) for $5/week.  Once a week he can count doing quests in School of Dragons as science bookwork and the maths mission in Khan Academy as maths.


More little things

9yo displayed that he does have some organisational skills while we were playing Minecraft and he wandered off and said he had found some mines, then told me the coordinates so I could join him.  He had made a book and quill to use as a journal (and would be less likely to misplace seeing as it's in-game) in which he was writing down the coordinates of our bases and any mines he encountered (which would then be deleted once we'd finished exploring and digging them out).

7yo wrote me a poem:

Poem written rather messily in red texta by 7yo


Unexpected family history and a keyboard

Recently we were at a nephew's 3rd birthday party.  Seeing as we were in the area we followed JJ's parents back to their place as his dad had said he had a straight razor belonging to his grandfather that JJ might be interested in (seeing as he's recently gotten into shaving with straight razors).

Examining the edge on a straight razor with a jeweller's glass

JJ showing 9yo how to examine razor's edges.  Or something.

JJ was intending to take the straight razor and clean it up and return it, but FIL said he could keep it and use it but he would be upset if JJ lost it.  The razor had lived inside a briefcase of JJ's great grandfather's stuff.


Homeschool snippets

The mosaic thing got some good use while it was rainy, with 9yo and 7yo both copying patterns from the book and inventing their own:

Playing with the mosaic thing

7yo's English workbook:

7yo English workbook - doesn't go to school every day



I told 7yo and 5yo they would have to wait a couple of hours for a box of frozen raspberries to defrost.

5yo: How much is a couple?
me: Two.  Dua.  re.
7yo and 5yo: Doo-wop! Doo-wop! Doo-wop!
me: [laughing too hard to correct them]


New Norcia excursion

I keep forgetting to write about our day trip to New Norcia.

It was one of those things that had been suggested ages ago by mother in law as she had gone to school there and was interested in showing it to the kids (and us, though both JJ and I have been in the area previously, me on a Yr11/12 art camp and him...well he was not quite sober for most of it apparently).  This seemed like a nice little local history and anthropology/society and environment type thing (New Norcia is the only monastic town in Australia) and we finally got around to it, in the in-laws massive shiny new Toyota something or other that they'd bought as part of their retirement plans.

We parked outside the museum but decided to stretch our legs after the 2hr drive (with one pit stop past Bullsbrook for 7yo who gets motion sick after an hour or so) by looking at mother in law's old boarding school.