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May Homeschooling Miscellany

11yo's drawing of Sans from Undertale on the whiteboard

11yo's drawing of Sans from Undertale on the whiteboard

J and 7yo playing Shadows Over Camelot

JJ and 7yo playing Shadows Over Camelot.  11yo and 9yo are off frame waiting for their turn.  I'm obviously taking the photo.  The game is fun and a little bit involved and is cooperative rather than competitive (unless someone turns out to be the traitor!).

Lorax themed SciTech class


April Homeschooling Miscellany

Artificial rock climbing at the PCYC fundraiser.  Didn't get a lot of photos as we got rained out!

Climbing artificial rock wall at PCYC fundraiser

7yo climbing artificial wall

11yo went to a birthday party for one of his team mates and won a dancing competition not because he's any good at dancing but because he was full of confidence and energetically went at it where a lot of his friends were too scared to even get on the floor.

11yo with his prize from the dance competition - a Hungry Jack's voucher


March Homeschooling Miscellany

7yo got one of those hatching dinosaur eggs for his birthday.

Placing hatching dinosaur egg in a container of water

Starting to "hatch" after a day's soaking

Dinosaur egg "hatching" on day 5

The fully "grown" thing is now sitting on his shelf with all his other dinosaurs.

I organised to meet up with JJ's family (parents, sister and her family) at Whiteman Park.  We met up at the pretty large and cool playground that had a pretty tall slide tucked into one corner:


February Homeschooling Miscellany

We took a fishing trip to Jurien but once again were not able to go out in the boat due to the howling winds.  The boys went fishing off the jetty, JJ caught a blowfish and the same seafull four times.  I caught some godrays and the kids checked out a sundial.  There wasn't enough sun to see what time the sundial thought it was, 11yo tried to take a guess based on the position of the sun while explaining how the sundial worked to 6yo.

Sunset at Dobbyn Park, Jurien Bay, Western Australia

Checking out the sundial on the foreshore at Jurien Bay, Western Australia


Home Ed Program and Booklist 2016

We've had dramas with the big two for the last few months simply refusing to do their bookwork and occasionally also refusing to do anything I could use in place of that (including things that they get enthused about such as making their own books or building models, sounds too much like hard work and they'd much rather play games and chat with their friends on Skype all day).  We've had some serious chats about entitlement and how no matter what they decide to do in life, no matter how much they enjoy it, at some point there is going to be a hard slog.


January Homeschooling Miscellany

Our year started fantastically with being able to go to a performance of The Lion King Broadway Musical courtesy of mother in law who bought us tickets.

Waiting to go in to see The Lion King Broadway Musical

We were up in the nosebleed section so couldn't see fine details of costumes or clear facial expressions but got an awesome view of everything going on on the stage and around the theatre (as the performers didn't restrict themselves to the stage).

In the nosebleed section at The Lion King Broadway Musical being performed at Crown Theatre, Perth, Western Australia


December Homeschooling Miscellany

December is always an odd time of year due to having to wind up kids activities, business for the year and organising whatever is going on for Christmas so I rarely have much homeschooly to write about.

The kids had their gymnastics end of year performance, the theme was "Back to the 80s".  Costumes were fantastic, the performances were great and I completely failed at taking any good photos.  The Christmas party followed directly afterwards including a visit from Santa.

At some point 6yo figured out how the juicer went together and proceeded to chop up apples to juice.  I came out when I heard the knife rhythmically chopping on the bench.  He was using it safely so I put down the chopping board, told him he needed to use that rather than cutting directly on the bench and supervised from a distance.


November Homeschooling Miscellany

Fallen a bit behind on the regular homeschool blogging! I actually started this one in early December but didn't quite get around to finishing it so here it is now.

We started playing Ingress (we're Resistance) and have so far discovered a myriad of portals in familiar places and three new parks.  One of next year's goals is to try to go visit a new area at least once a week.  We also met up with a bunch of local players at Pioneer Park and they gave us stuff, and 10yo gave one of them a Jarvis virus that he'd managed to pick up from one of the green portals we'd hacked.  We've been doing a lot more walking as a result which is a nice bonus as we do quite a few activities already.

One of them was a familiar one at Frye Park in Kelmscott.  The kids had been to it once before and we revisited it as there were some portals there, and met up with some friends.


October Homeschooling Miscellaney 2

Might try to do these as monthly things rather than semi-random ones.

Firstly, we are chick central again.  About three clutches with 7-10 chicks in each one.  Chappie's family want some of the naked necks.  This was the first lot.  Idiot hen had gone next door to brood, kids heard the cheeping and went next door to investigate.  Neighbour was astonished as she hadn't even realised they were there behind the shed, and just as well they'd only hatched that morning as she'd been dogsitting and the dog had left earlier in the day.

The picture of them is as day olds, they're now a week or so and feathering up.



According to 6yo 2d shapes have "whip" and "lengf" and 3d shapes have "whip, lengf and dep".