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Shimmering wings

Ta'hane, one of the 1st gen Avians

Ta'hane, one of the 1st gen Avians.  The Flyers didn't spring up as Flyers overnight; the wings started off arm sized and useless for flying and holding things, though they could be used as arms, more or less.

I need to work out how to do feather stalks into skin.


What makes you?

Katana, scabbard, and close up of a pendant

Gnarus' treasured katana (which is probably just about nodachi sized for him seeing as he's all of 1.4m high) resting on its scabbard, and a pendant he doesn't take off (really, it was a fight to get the still life set up ;))

I can't remember what in the hell I looked up to get the design for the pendant, all I remember is it was off a card (Tarot style card, not greeting card).  If anyone recognises it and can tell me what it's from I would be most appreciative.

i modelled the katana and scabbard off one of the myriad of photos floating around the internet, the pendant off a source I need to relocate.  I'm happy with the pendant and scabbard textures but think I'll rework the katana.  And possibly the red and blue gems in the pendant.



Zara sitting on a rooftop playing with her blades

Alternate title: Martial Artsy Psychoconcepts as coined by my friend Jeremy :)

Illustration from when the idea was for Perth to be a megalopolis with towering buildings and Zara (who is still one of the best thieves in Perth) is anime armed to the teeth.



Zul'jinn sitting on the edge of a building

Zul'jinn, High Prince of the Flyers.  Paint over of a photo I took of my husband.