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June ProgBlog #5: almost there

posted on: Sunday, 30 June 2024 @ 11:56pm in

Remembering things is quicker than learning things from scratch, but I still hate uv mapping.

fixing uv maps in Blender 4.1

I’m also so very tired and so very glad that I made a very early decision to never pitch this thing given the amount of hate 3d gets. If I’d been doing it for anyone other than myself I would have probably given up long ago.

I read/hear “the computer is doing it all for you” in relation to digital art anywhere in my vicinity and take it personally

The uvs are now nicely laid out (manually because I didn’t buy the version of the thing that would automate it, not hard, just tedious) and I have a horn crest and gem which is hopefully enough to shape into whatever it needs to be.

side by side render preview and wireframe shade showing horn crest texture
render showing horn crest texture

I tried to be smart and use splines and experimented with geonodes for making the horns but I’m not smart enough for that so they’ll be getting modelled normally. I think I need to pull out the beginnings of the horns where they’re connected to the crest as they’re an awkward shape that should be close enough to the same for all characters and then just leave the “buds” there to expediate horns per character when I get around to it.

The female Dragonkin should be pretty quick and then I’ll be back to making stuff and backporting.

It’s school holidays so I’m not working and can hopefully fill up the nights with extra project work.