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May ProgBlog #1

posted on: Sunday, 5 May 2024 @ 10:51pm in

Finally managed to get past the last stuck point.

I’m somewhat pessimistically wondering how far away the next one is.

I managed to finish the wing arm and the membrane and was concentrating really hard on making sure that the membranes (which will be distorting the most) were as squared as possible and doing the best I could with everything else (inevitably the arms turned into rectangles including around joints where I really would have preferred more squares).

image 392

I’m really hoping that they’ll work out all right especially if I throw multires on there. My head renders have got jaggies so that’s what I’m anticipating in actual renders.

At least the stationary looks alright.

image 393

I feel pretty dumb not realising that the solidify modifier (and probably a lot of other ones as well) could be applied to vertex groups, would have made my lifee so much quicker and easier ages ago.

I’ve been a bit more motivated on the migration as well, have hit May 2020. I’ve mostly decided that when the manual migration is done I’m going to soft launch it as is (currently without search or comments and only partially working breakpoints) partly so it’s a thing that’s done and mostly because I didn’t get design specs for those (well I did get one for the search bar and was just going to make the search listing look like the other list pages) and this way Sprat can have a looksee and work out how things should look and I won’t have to redo anything (I am that sick of redoing things I just don’t want to anymore).