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March ProgBlog #1: floundering

posted on: Wednesday, 13 March 2024 @ 12:47pm in

I deliberately didn’t post a progblog last week as I was having a minor tanty about how nothing had changed. Nothing much has changed still, I continue fighting to square up the mesh but it’s working out better with more mesh for more context.

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To some value of better. My DE of choice got upgraded to KDE6 which is mostly great for the most part. I had to swap out my theme switcher (Yin Yang) because it didn’t want to work under Wayland. Minor issue I’m having is that its replacement (Koi) doesn’t always automatically switch (it mostly does but not always and I don’t know why) and doesn’t switch the Konsole colours.

I switched back to X11 once in rage because my XP Pen was insidiously buggy and practically unusable (worked perfectly fine in X11, I just had issues with everything else). Didn’t take long to go back to Wayland (which is just better in general) and it is still nowhere near great (and still quite frustrating) but got better and I don’t know if that’s because one of the daily updates incrementally fixed it or whether it was because I was less angry in general.

Ironically the XP Pen does exactly what it’s supposed to in Firefox (including tap to click) so mapping is very comfortable, but doesn’t behave in Blender (where it’s still not only hover clicking but also middle click initially acts like left click tap I think, I’m not sure what it’s doing but basically it’s selecting when it really shouldn’t be as middle click doesn’t select).

I wanted to use opentabletdriver to see if that was any better but apparently I’m the only person on the internet who wants to do this with an Artist Pro 14 (2nd Gen) as seems both the 12 2nd Gen and the Pro 16 2nd Gen got support requested. So I suppose I’ll have to do that at some point in the not too distant future if I don’t tackle it myself.

I have been somewhat reluctant because apparently while you can open an issue they prefer people join their Discord as there’s usually a lot of back and forth involved and I don’t want to join another bloody Discord because I’m old and cranky

Due to being completely unable to keep up with Drupal updates, I made a rather quick decision to try static site generation again (there was one failed previous attempt which I guess was doomed to fail as I was messing around with a strapi backend and a vuejs frontend and I really, really, really hate javascripting) and somewhat randomly grabbed hugo after seeing it mentioned in an article in one of my feeds (where someone else had made that switch too).

That’s been going really well. Some things are the same (it can do stuff like taxonomies and content types out of the box as one would expect from a cms), some things are better (I started from scratch rather than with a theme because that’s how I roll so there was zero styling other than two classes from the internal pagination template, and I’m not constrained by anything other than my own lack of knowledge, and as much js as I want which is great unlike my last attempt at this where it was all js and I hated it).

I’m waiting on a new skin from Sprat and also doing a manual migration (which I’m half regretting not because of the sheer volume of content but because of the sheer cringe that was my early 20s, in fact I was very tempted to just not migrate anything that had been imported from livejournal, but I’m kind of doing it anyway because it feels disingenuous not to).