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January ProgBlog #1: (not) working (much) with (a lot of) distractions

posted on: Tuesday, 16 January 2024 @ 7:35pm in

Silly Season Shenanigans set a precedent apparently, as the first progblog of the year is also late.

I’ve been home for the holidays, that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it

After finishing silly season shenanigans and homeschool miscellany (the two things that had a time limit) I was finally able to get back onto the Avian base model. For a change everything progressed relatively quickly despite the poor little MacBook Air struggling (it was enough to convince me to aim for the Framework 16 instead of the 13, the idea of the graphics module won me over despite the 13 being my vastly preferred form factor).

image 22

Every now and again the thing would get really hot and throttle down to unusable which was most of what slowed me down. I also got a little bit stuck trying to figure out how to do the hand.

image 23

It’s not that great but it’s good enough for now and has been loosely flagged as something to deal with “later” when I will probably have to learn more new tricks that will hopefully make things quicker and easier and look better.

Meanwhile it’s about as done as it’s going to be.

image 24

I decided to leave off feathering the back and making the tail til I’m back at the big rig as my poor little laptop is seriously overheating and throttling and generally not happy about anything. I don’t even want to attempt rigging.

I tried moving on to redoing Acaedia (because the last attempt felt very wrong) and even that was sluggish and unhappy but at least something I’ll be able to work on as it’s not as frustratingly unusable as the Avian model was.

I persevered because I was determined to at least finish the wings

No screenies to show for that yet as I really haven’t gotten very far. I’ve been preoccupied doing random things throughout the day (mostly hiking and swimming), hanging out and catching up with the extended family after dinner, micromapping on OpenStreetMap (decided the island could be my learning curve before leaving and I’m really annoyed that I forgot I was intending on doing this until about last week as I could have gotten so much more done than I did) and playing Minecraft with sibling dearest.