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November ProgBlog #1: I choose this

posted on: Sunday, 26 November 2023 @ 9:11pm in

Because while it’s still not amazing it’s at least somewhat passable and it’s working out a lot better than the polydown (much easier to layer for starters).

image 353

I really, really, really should be doing separate systems for the body and the wings but I’ll fix it later (as there will probably be something better to fix/redo it with later) but meanwhile fortuitously the edge transitions to skin will actually look fine as the child hairs from the top looks conveniently like fluffy down (sadly it didn’t work upside down both ways I tried it but this is fine).

image 354

I was somewhat lamenting not being able to control the shape a little bit more and then eventually I happened to notice the “Use Clump Curve” checkbox (which as far as I know has always been there).

Oh yes, curves are a thing.

I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed but I get there eventually.

image 355

Although I may need to do something else to make it look better on better render settings.

image 356

And then there was a major version update and suddenly it rendered a lot faster and the polyfeather texture went back to how it was supposed to be and everything just looked a lot nicer in general.

image 357

For once just as well I hadn’t yet gotten around to “fixing” the texture which looked like it had gone awry.

I’d like to say it’s given my motivation a kick but sadly I’m just really, really tired.

It’s been stupid busy again, occasionally to the point where I can’t remember what I’ve been doing, just that I’ve been doing a lot, and because I can’t remember what I did it feels like I’ve done nothing at all. A lot of it is around end of year shenanigans.

I’ve also been stressing on and off about other people’s potential reactions when I do finally get around to releasing this thing, mostly along the lines of suddenly deciding that it sucks and is going to be a massive letdown to anyone that has been following along for a while and was waiting for it to finally materialise.

Occasionally I remember that I don’t actually care because I was making it because it was fun for me.