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October ProgBlog #2: sunk cost fallacy

Posted on: Tuesday, 31 October 2023 @ 11:13pm
Blatting about

Stuff went super slowly again as states happened (everything went well) and I dithered around trying to fix the feather patterning (including readjusting a lot of the feathers that got displaced and put everything else out of whack when I fixed the underlying mesh, I really should know better by now that while other people can get away with not doing things I never can) and flatten things out a little bit.

image 349

And after spending way too much time and effort on this malarky and really struggling with polydown, I revisited the idea of particle down.  The last time I tried this it didn't work out great.


I tried keeping polygon feathers for the bigger down and a higher number of very thin child hairs for the smaller down.  Once again it didn't look terrible from a distance.

image 350

This time however it was somewhat passable up close (and I don't know if I ever get this close).

image 351

I then attempted doing them upside down first by changing the settings to something that theoretically should have worked but apparently mathematically didn't, and then by making the actual guide hair strand go the other way but that didn't look fantastic either.

So I'm just going to do this now instead (and also try to figure out what happened to my feather texture as I'm not sure whether it was applying scale to everything that made it go weird or one of the updates).

Good thing I generally don't have the sunk cost fallacy issue and can just switch.

I don't have time for fallacies

I also decided that now would be an excellent time to revisit my scripts again and am combing through them fixing up various terminology for consistency purposes and something something worldbuilding and all that other nonsense that people like to throw around to sound like they know what they're talking about. I ended up doing yet more rewriting (mostly tidying up characterisations though a couple of fight and other high action scenes got major cleanups and I got laughed at by Sprat for the unending litany of "I just fixed up a couple of things"), and also started making a Sona dictionary, an Underground Sign dictionary, a lexicon type thing and also copied the International Rules fixture that J made for me ages ago that I have used in the current block. I've decided that the first round is always going to be the same but probably swapped around every year so that each side in that round gets a turn hosting, but am not sure if I should just keep reusing the same one or if I should be making new ones for every year because I have no idea how these things work.

image 352

And because I have a lot of time on my hands and nothing better to do I am of course looking at starting up roleplaying again, because I'd decided to do that once states was done and states is done.

Might be time for yet another schedule rejig.

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