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October ProgBlog #1: muddling not-Monday

Posted on: Monday, 2 October 2023 @ 11:14pm
Blatting about

Screenshot of a render because I was too lazy to save out the actual render.  Did it as a test partly because Blender is apparently slightly less likely to crash if I do renders as opposed to the viewport preview and mostly because it's been a while since I did one and I have to do one every so often to make sure things looks how they're supposed to look (the viewport render is pretty accurate but is also deliberately lower quality than even my preview renders).

image 345

I was trying to make sure that some of the skin gaps I could see weren't going to be as blatant with textures as they are in the candy shading and I think it looks mostly okay and also the chances of me ever being this close are slim.

By the way, this is a monumentally stupid way to do feathers.  Don't do feathers like this.  Use geonodes or something I donno.  I did it like this because I was really, really, really struggling to wrap my meagre brain around geonodes and was feeling an overwhelming, excruciating, debilitating sense of time pressure so I did it like this and had to deal with the overwhelming, excruciating, debilitating tedium instead.

I got nearly to the wrist and was feeling pretty good about things and felt like I was actually getting somewhere and then realised that the patterning was wrong.

image 346

Cue more extremely mind numbing tedious hours of silent screaming while I move up and down the whole wing trying to fix both sides, occasionally adding in feathers in any gaps I happen to create.  At the moment it's mostly positioning and layering issues that I'm having.

While doing that I've been backburning how to tackle horns and tails, and eventually decided that the most sensible way to do it will be to add them to the base models as characters that need them come up (as opposed to trying to make all the varieties at the outset which I considered doing for about a second before deciding that was stupid).

I also went through my scripts again because it's been a while and am doing some cleanup stuff and also making myself a Sona dictionary/notes thing and probably having way too much fun being able to break words down into component parts.

image 347

The scripts are still getting the occasional polish purely because I can't leave well enough alone.  I should probably send them to sibling dearest to see if there's any gaping plot holes that I've still somehow managed to miss.

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