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May ProgBlog #2: sulking

posted on: Tuesday, 30 May 2023 @ 12:05pm in

That’s what I’ve been doing for the past ages because I’ve been wasting a lot of time playing stupid phone games because stuff happens in the games unlike in real life where it feels no matter how much effort and hours you pour into something, absolutely nothing at all gets done.

My parents happened to be up for Mother’s Day as they had come over for a quick holiday (which of course involved catching up as much as we could as we only see them a couple of times a year) so sibling dearest coerced asked me to please get some flowers and she would send a hamper of goodies.

I don’t like cut flowers, however I only send the parents a Christmas present comprising of a photobook of everything the kids got up to that year and Mum loves flowers so I got a nice custom one from a florist.

image 296

I had been a bit vague with the instructions as I generally trust people who are supposed to be good at their job to do their thing, I’d just asked for the blue orchids I saw in their fridge and then for it to be bright and colourful. Apparently a number of people attempted to buy it before I got there to pick it up.

I know where to go if I ever need flowers again.

Mum had a few days to enjoy them before heading home, and they apparently survived really well so probably made my grandmother (also a lover of cut flowers) happy for a few more days.

The feathering went by about as quick as it usually does. I once more spent half my designated work day doing anything and everything other than working on it. Part of it was because I was tired and braindead from a lot of extra socialising and activity and part of it was because it’s so tedious it’s one of many things that I desperately just want to be done without having to actually do it.

image 297

Aoife also got the tiniest little bit of work done, I was kind of feeling in a 3d mood and I was meant to alternate between this and feathering but no feathering worth mentioning got done and not a lot of this got done either.

image 298

I fell into the trap of succumbing to the overwhelming feeling like I absolutely had to stay up late to “catch up” on work and then not getting a lot of work done anyway because I’m too freaking tired. And then too freaking tired the following day too because downward spiral. I am working on it.

More feathering got done, just for a change I worked on the shoulder as the direction change is coming up.

image 299

There was an epic derp moment where I was really wishing Blender had a wireframe shade mode and then ages later remembered that it does, which made lining up the spine and border feathers easier.

image 300

At least now it looks and feels like stuff has moved.