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May ProgBlog #1: maybe tomorrow

Posted on: Monday, 8 May 2023 @ 8:45pm
Blatting about

I have spent the last couple of weekends deciding that that particular weekend would be the one where I finished the wings.

I did not finish the wings because it was so incredibly tedious and boring that my brain shut down on numerous occasions and I wasted a lot of time playing stupid phone games when this gigantic lump of cuteness overdose wasn't destroying my posture and exacerbating old injuries.

image 293

She loves curling up behind me on my chair.  The problem is she takes up this much space

image 294

so I'm precariously perched on the edge of the seat and I can't back up enough to compensate because her bed is an old single mattress that can't move any further from where it is.

It's been numerous Charles Darwin moments minus the poorly (which I am currently defining as actually sick rather than just tired/pain, but if that's included in the definition then that too I guess).

image 2

I don't know where this one came from, Sprat sent it over Discord

The feathering hell continues and I continue wondering if there was a better way to do it, if geonodes would have solved all my problems if only I was smart enough to get a handle on it, whether or not it's "right" and whether or not I actually care any more as long as it looks okay, and whether or not I'm going to seriously regret not caring now down the line and if it will come to bite me later.

image 291

The direction change towards the wrist is doing my head in.  But still I persist because I am irrationally, unhealthily stubborn and pride will be the thing that kills me.

image 292

The things I do to be able to texture each feather individually if I need to.

It's still lighter than particle feathers and at least it looks kind of okay so there's that I suppose.

Aoife got a tiny bit of work done, going to have to do more work on the hair shading.  I think I'm glad I didn't do more braids and flowers, I like colouring free flowing hair but hairstyles generally make me cry and I don't have a clue with flowers as I don't usually draw them.

image 295

Other than that it's just the usual adjusting and rejiggifying schedules and calendars again to try to keep everything some semblance of moving.

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