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April ProgBlog #2

Posted on: Wednesday, 19 April 2023 @ 9:18pm
Blatting about

I'm still reasonably happy with how it looks given that they're polygons and I'm still internally screaming.

image 264

This is a great case for geonodes.  Sadly that's beyond my meagre capabilities.  I also had to fix a topology nightmare on the shoulder which I completely forgot to screenshot probably because I was trying to remember if I'd been drunk when I did it (spoiler: highly unlikely as I haven't gotten past tipsy for a very long time).

I had initially decided that I was going to only do one wing and would make adjustments per character depending on how buff etc they were and then link dup the other wing but have decided to just fix the wing shape up as best I can and keep them all the same to make my life easier, and also I don't think the actual wings would visibly be able to gain or lose that much muscle anyway.  Maybe.

Of course readjusting the wing (which I kind of just kept doing after initially fixing the topology fubar) made me have to readjust the feathers on that side (the underside looks fine) so that took up a fair bit of time otherwise I would have made slightly more progress than I did.

And I was further slightly stuffed by having to rejiggify my schedules again so didn't end up doing a whole lot on my new designated work day as I was halfway through it by the time everything had been rearranged.  Because of that and some other stuff that was going on at the same time I decided to just keep working on the wings instead of working on Aoife.

image 286

It's slowly getting more coverage.  And eating all my swap.

image 287

And then I missed the progblog day again due to feeling particularly bleh (not sick, just bleh) and ended up spending all day in bed playing stupid phone games, rousing towards the end of the day to do some work on Aoife.

image 288

I think my lesson here is never do nice lineart for a sketch otherwise this happens.

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