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March ProgBlog #3: just ugh

Posted on: Monday, 27 March 2023 @ 11:31pm
Blatting about

That feeling when you're the only one that knows that you did stuff because it doesn't look like much changed at all.

That was a big part of why I decided to just let the streak break than try and push a late progblog.  The other reason was that all the other stuff was a huge fight (some of it physically fights, or at least shouting matches, but mostly just the usual struggle trying to keep on top of things).

image 266

Stupidly I missed a whole row in that screenshot, this is what happens when your naming system is descriptive enough but you forgot what you were doing.

I think the layering is somewhat working out better, and I managed to resolve some issues I was having on the hands.

image 267

Also turned down the subdivision modifier from 3 to 2 on the smaller feathers and am hoping that I can drop the really small ones to 1, because I managed to completely forget it was set that high.

Mondays are one of the days in the schedule that is very hit or miss for various reasons, mostly because 16yo has a large gap between shifts and we occasionally run errands in the gap instead of going home (may as well seeing as we're already out and about).  We did run some errands but we also managed to get back early enough that I managed to get some work done on poor Aoife, who has once more been started again because I am physically incapable of struggling along to "just finish" something that I'm not happy with.  This is why I don't do commissions anymore, people would be waiting unreasonable lengths of time and I don't like that either.

image 268

She's now green and I've...I want to say combined colouring styles but basically I've just neatened up and slapped the sketch colouring style I was playing with on top of my rendering style, which is extremely simplified because I'm still trying to keep it as a sketch.

On the one hand it is way more involved than I would normally do for a sketch but it's also not quite a sketch because I made nice freaking lineart for it and this is what happens when I don't keep things sketchy.

I am probably going to leave the lineart but I am doing my usual rendering style tests knocking it off to see if the shading is okay.

image 269

And I'm probably going to use the hair brushes because that's what the feeling is.

I think I'm slowly fighting everything back under control, including accepting the fact that my streaks are going to break frequently because that's just how things roll.

I'm somewhat concerned that I'll have to completely drop my in-person roleplaying games to be able to keep up with everything else (the play by post games aren't actually going at the moment but I'm not foreseeing much difficulty keeping them up as the pace is a lot slower).  They already get dropped if we get busy (we have missed a couple of sessions in a row as the bigs had a performance rehearsal on the weekend and the actual performance is coming up next weekend, and they will get dropped during comp season when we have stuff on).

Only thing I can do is keep trying to keep things under control.

I really don't know how anyone else does it, I'm struggling x_x

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